the O and D Lines

All this chat of Avon coming in and hopes of him being a spark will fizzle out if this team does not start playing better on the Lines on both sides of the ball. The team is well stocked with offensive talent and still has a solid (if not aging group) of linebackers..where we fall very short (imho) is on both the offensive and defensive lines..seems we love to draft Canadian receivers yet trade away or dont focus on resigning Canadian linemen. Three names not on this years team that in my opinion have not been suitable replaced from last year...S Rottier / Mark Dewitt (given the instability of Hage) and ofcourse Justin Hickman. Fix the lines and alot of this team will fall into place...dont fix the line play and finish 3rd or 4th.
Come on ol invisable Obie !!

I agree in general with what you're saying - line play on both sides of the ball has to be better. However I disagree with your assessment of management's inability to replace.

Dewitt was replaced by O'Neill - almost mirror images of each other being able to play both centre & guard.

Rottier was theoretically replaced by O'Neill if Hage is healthy & by Cody Husband if he doesn't.

Hamilton has drafted NI O-Linemen over the past couple years. Moe Petrus is thought to be Hage's long term replacement. Pascal Baillargeon is on the club & getting experience just as Cody Husband did last year. Finally, Jason Medieros was with the club up until the point the let him return to McMaster. I think their development of NI O-Linemen has been acceptable. Not extraordinary by any means but not as dire as some make it out.

As far as replacing Hickman, I feel they've tried their best & have just not been lucky to find that gem. There were no blue-chip DE's available via free agency this past off season & the only player that moved was Odell Willis and that came at a pretty high price in my opinion. Management signed Peach who subsequently missed most of camp & early season. They brought in Crable which didn't work. Now they're trying Davis who may actually be the answer.