The Numbers Game

Ok, let's play the numbers game.
I'll say a number, then you have to guess what that number stands for. When somebody gets it right, they then ask a question, and it continues.

First Number
What does it stand for?

I'll guess yds per completion so far after 5 games

Nope, it's a possibility (don't know if that is the yards per completeion or not), but it's not what I was looking for.

yds/carry by Holmes

Not what I was looking for. Here's a hint. Look at the stats of Ranek

(get your calculators out)

Not to sure, but when ever I try to open that link, a wondow on the cats page has a head we with "Bad arguments for API function" and no other info in the box.
I've played around with a bunch of different combos and I can't seem fo figure it out.

lol, might help if I got all the link eh? :stuck_out_tongue:.. oops

Fixed it. The reason I used the direct stats is because I've noticed the "stats" page is slightly off. (Most noticibly when you look at Maas' rushing yards, and then if you check the roster for Maas' rushing yards and it's basically doubled)

Ranek's carries per game! Yikes.

stay tuned for question


my number is: 7

might be a toughie

The number of Tackles Brooks had in his 2nd start?

The average yards per rush when you add corey holmes' avg with Maas' and subtract Raneks?

What's with all this math, my brain has been programmed t shut off over the weekend.