The North Side Speaks (and Pays)

During the bye week, I want to throw something out there as well that has been bugging me.

Why, oh why does every dance routine, anthem singer, contest, makeover (who are these guys anyway showing up to one of our games without a stitch of black or gold on??), and halftime show perform for the people in the south stands?

Now, I understand about the little running races and that sort of thing since you have to get the people on and off the field quickly, but our dance team comes from both sides and the halftime acts can perform from anywhere. The Magician with the Tiger never showed us the tiger on the north side...which everyone knows is where the best fans sit. :wink:

So, let's hear it fellow north-siders. What sayeth you?

(Hendy leaps off of soap-box and goes back to the regularly scheduled program).

Cameras are on that side?

And pressbox.

And the Box J Boys are not. :twisted:

South Side rules :rockin:

diesel27 just made a stupid comment.

I just wish the north side would make less noise .Some times they almost wake up the old guys on the South side . :wink:

The best seats and best fans are on the North side. Besides in the fall when it gets cooler the sun keeps us warm.

I represent the endzone!! We're louder than either of ya!!

You guys on the north side have two levels of concessions...and, thus, two levels of beer vendors.

Quit yer whining!

On the side gets very cold in the fall and thats why I will never trade for my box J seat!