The NLL has a Video game - but the CFL can't??

thats what i was thinking.How good is the quality of the NLL game?
I would still be all for the CFL added 2 Madden.

All I can think is thsat the NLL had people developing the game for free. The market for their game is too small.

I work in software development myself and can tell you exactly why there is no CFL game. Because the cost of developing one outweighs the market. When it comes to writing code games are by far the most work. A game like Madden would have a dedicated team of at least 20-30 people each making 80K+ at the low end and almost in the millions at the high end.

There are maybe 250,000 true CFL fans and even if each one promised to buy a copy it would still be out of reach to do. There is no possible way every fan would buy it. Maybe 20% of the population max owns consoles.

The only way it would be feasibly possible with such a small market is to charge $500+ per copy.

who cares what Europe or the aussies think? they don't buy tickets to our games!

I stick by my comment - for most of the game YOU CAN'T SEE THE PUCK . That's why they have flashing lights and horns going off when a goal is scored because you CAN'T SEE THE PUCK. I've tried watching this game for years but I still don't get it. I understand why people love soccer you can see the ball the footwork, the running etc. I can understand the attraction of Rugby and Aussie rules. Basketball, baseball, Lacrosse but hockey is a terrible sport. (my apologies to Canadians but that is a terrible sport you invented)

^^^^WWWWOOOWW^^^^ Are you Canadian???

So Canadians are set out from the rest of the world by having, on average, better eyesight than the rest of the world, thus allowing them to see pucks better and thereby enjoy the game of hockey more? We like going back and forth and standing around? We're particularly fond of whistles? These things are all new to me. Seriously, I'm not sure why you think these characteristics of the game would make it more appealing only Canadians and not the rest of the world. Perhaps you also have some theories as to why hurling and Gaelic football are only popular in Ireland.

I agree with everything you're saying -- but you're basing on creating another version comparible to Madden or NCAA Football from scratch. What sort of business case could be made for putting the German Elite League into EA NHL games? Hockey isn't even close to their number 1 sport and, I'm sure, the NHL is not much more than a rumour over there. And, by adding those Euro/ British Elite leagues, they used international rules (save for fighting, I believe) and olympic sized ice. So, sounds a lot like the conversion from NFL to CFL ball.

It just seems that a downloadable CFL patch (which I've seen desktop programmers pull off rather crudely) could be perfected and offered. Then Canadian fans would be roped into buying Madden and the CFL patch (if they didn't want to issue a CFL/ Canadian Edition).

I'm sure it's more complicated than I think it is -- but in the big picture, it still seems awfully feasible to me.

You guys should hceck out our latest broadcast of we had a nice long talk with Dave Delile who tried to make a game with the CFL and is trying to generate support. It has some good comments from him.



A patch based Madden upgrade is much more feasible yes. I guess the main modification though would be different field and rules with one less down. That aspect would cause it to need some extra application layers and make it more work than a simple patch. The reason is it would be different than the core application rules. So to put it in simple terms it would need a secondary mode for the different format/rules. Still much easier than writing a whole new game though.

It's harder to make core changes like that in games because they are written in a more simple format than standard software like desktop os/apps. Modern desktop apps can do almost anything possible because of their complex layering structures.

Coding a game is like plowing a field with a horse.

It would be great to hear what the economics are around an initiative like this. From a marketing perspective, I almost see something like this as being as important as stadium construction. Getting kids/ youth (and, well, everyone, given gamers average age continues to climb) interacting with the CFL in a manner that they're are used to, IMO, is invaluable. Nothing could ever match the shiny object that is the NFL, but this could seriously create inroads to a market that, previously, the CFL has struggled with.

Personally, for my football gaming fix, I turn to NCAA. Without the rights to use the players names (in the version I have), it doesn't help me familiarize with the players, but I sure know more than I ever would about some U.S school's team that I really shouldn't care one iota about.

Thought I'd resurrect this one briefly.
Saw that the CHL is being included in the next installment of EA's NHL Hockey.

Pretty crazy that I can virtually lace 'em up for the Owen Sound Attack but not the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Seems a bit strange. Unless the CHL has turned into a bigger cash cow than I thought.

Someone at EA in Vancouver's gotta be a Leos/ CFL fan and help push something like this. The business case against it gets foggier. Though, understand that simply adding 60-odd teams to the same game may not be as taxing, there's still some associated cost. My guess is that incremental sales (since the penetration of this game among hockey fans is already huge) would be relatively limited.

I actually live just down the street from EA in Burnaby. Just 2 blocks from Vancouver. The Burnaby location is actually their biggest and is literally like a compound. It's huge! Has tennis courts, dorms and I am pretty sure 2 parks. Burnaby is very spread out so there is a lot of room for places like that. Kodak has a similar layout across the street. Funny thing is that here in Burnaby the tech companies seem to buy land in nice beautiful areas rather than ugly industrial ones. BCIT is close by also but the whole area is pretty much just houses, 2 hospitals and a whole lot of beautiful land.

Maybe John Madden is telling the guys at EA to not have the CFL in Madden. I'm not sure of what his feelings on the game are, but with the amount of money he pays them just to put his name on the game and do what he wants they would be unwise not to listen to him. If he says 'no CFL' (which he probably would if he was asked) then the folks at EA would listen to him.

As for it having its own game, it would have to compete with Madden as many people wouldn't want to pay for both games and the company would probably have trouble profiting off of it.

I thought that curling was Canadas National Winter sport

There is no CFL video game because there weren't any during the Mesozoic Age when the CFL governors were born. These guys are dinosaurs when it comes to marketing. I'm still frustrated by the fact that I can get a UNLV cap (or whatever US team's stuff) easier than I can get any CFL stuff in a CFL city.

An Argo-Cat fan

I doubt madden is paying anyone so he can have his name on a game...