The NLL has a Video game - but the CFL can't??

Was pretty shocked today when I jumped over to to check out the boxscore of the Rock game. Opening splash page was hawking a new video game - NLL10.

Based on the screenshots it looks decent -- certiainly nothing blowaway. But it really makes me wonder whether there is something bigger at work that's keeping the CFL from having their own game. Here are the 'top-of-my-head' facts:

  • The NLL has doled out and retracted franchises like Blackjack dealer over the past 10 years.
  • Currently, they are in 11 markets, sort of. (About 3,200 took in a playoff game in Everett, Washington.)
  • They play a 16 game schedule -- not unlike our 18.
  • They average, generously, in and around 10,000 a game. Much unlike the CFL's 29,000.
  • The CFL has TV coverage that the NLL could only dream about.

Based on the loose math, I can't for the life of me figure out how they can pull this off and we can't. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy Lacrosse and love seeing their successes. But, for the last 3 years or so, the NLL hasn't exactly been riding much momentum.

I don't mean to open up the previous threads that have been dedicated to this, I just wanted to point out that a league that seems to be a fraction of the size of the CFL is doing what CFL fans have been frantically calling for for a long time now.

That's a great question.
I'm not really sure either. From this article, it appears the NLL approached the company and asked to partner with them. Maybe the CFL should try a similar initiative?

They know how to market south of the border and we don't!!

They may have lower attendance but probably make up in corporate sponsorship.

I think what's even weirder is the Arena league had a game. I doubt it did too well and i doubt this game will fly off the shelves, but it will probably do well it being the only lacross game out there and all.

This is mainly because Electronic Arts doesn't make a Lacrosse game the NLL would be forced to compete with. Indie football games that support CFL rules have been around for years, but nobody wants to invest a truckload of money producing a Canada-centric game that would have to compete with EA's Madden franchise. And even if an officially sanctioned CFL game were to be produced on a more modest budget, anything less than stellar success would be ammunition for anti-CFL zealots like Eugene Melnyk.

Lacrosse is like soccer to me, I can only watch it for a about 3 minutes, in lacrosse's case, I can't see where the friggin little ball is (I'm not a big baseball fan but at least I can generally see the little sphere) and in soccer's case, there is too much back and forth in the middle of absolutely nowwhere with guys standing around.

Hey, both are great games, lacrosse and soccer, but I don't get them as entertainment type sports.

Video games, sure the young kids love them - I couldn't care less about them and have no interest. Personally I hope the CFL never ever does an official video game, just to be different. Virtual reality, to me - is not, NOT, reality and has no effect on me to enjoy the REAL game. But that's just me, the more this world becomes "virtual" the more I want it to be "MORE NON-VIRTUAL" if that makes sense. I went to a Christmas dance/party for our organization and the CEO couldn't attend, he did it via a virtual video thingy. OK, did he really couldn't attend?

Virtual stuff Is too phony as a rule for my liking, just me. Some thngs about technology "advancement" bug the piss out of me.

The CFL "can't" have a video game?? - sounds fine to this guy. I don't give a flyin fu_____

True, but EA would sell 100k more copys of Madden if they’d just add CFL teams to it and rules, like they did with NFL europe.

You are right but don't you mean hockey???
You can't see the friggin puck, too much back and forth and a lot of gluys standing around!! too many whistles!
That's why hockey is only poplular in Canada.

Jay, in hockey's case, the puck is black and is never hidden in some sort of net like a lacross stick has. Way easier. Ok, grew up with hockey so I'm biased but every time I watch lacrosse, I don't see much of the ball or who has it. I can't watch it therefore.

Ok, hockey can be wankerish with big guys getting in position in front of the net for "the big goal" whatever, but it's better now than in the days of "I can't skate Phil Esposito but still score 60 goals a year doing nothing".

I don't know what kind of negotiations, if any, the CFL has ever had with EA. It's also possible the NFL could pressure EA not to include CFL teams or rules, or it could be a condition already be built into whatever licensing deal EA has with the NFL. The CFL might also perceive "tacking on" offical CFL support in Madden as detrimental to the CFL's image: it could strengthen the perception (right or wrong) that the CFL is a farm league for the NFL.

just sayin but lacrosse is considered canadas national sport.

i beleive more people in canada play lacrosse than hockey and football.

shocking i know cuz the only time ive ever played was in gym back in high school but yup

apparently LACROSSE is canadas national sport.

Not just considered, but is officially one of Canada's national sports, the other being hockey (I'm sure you're all surprised by that).

Don't tell the soccer guys that! :wink:

Well, when EA added the German and British Elite League to the NHL games, I didn't really think it was considered a farm league for the NHL. For the most part, I was perplexed as to why they bothered, and pretty much ignored it completely. However, maybe they sold a bunch in Coventry and Frankfurt. No idea.

I'd be all over it if there was a Canadian add-on for Madden. I assume NFL Canada would wildly object to football fans in in Calgary and Hamilton playing each other online using CFL teams rather than random NFL ones.

It just seems way too easy for there not to be something much greater at work -- such as an NFL or EA Sports objection.

I think if you saw some good Lacrosse live you’d be pretty impressed. The NLL, in my opinion, is an American-ized version of a really good game.

If you ever have the chance to head over to Six Nations and see the Jr. A Arrows play, it’s well worth the $10, or whatever they charge for admission. (It’s an ultra-knowledgable crowd there, too, with people more than willing to converse about the finer details of the game.) Like hockey and football, when you’re at the stadium you see the entire play develop and unfold, so unless they pull off a hidden-ball trick really well (which, is rare) you always know where to focus. Plus, you’re way closer to the action. The play is pretty much non-stop – unlike the NLL, and the talent, finesse, and speed that these guys have to whip that ball around is unbelievable.

Seeing these guys make three or four one-time passes on the lip of the goal crease is pretty incredible. And, being able to do the stuff they do while opponents hack and whack at will is even more impressive. Really, it makes hockey seem pretty soft.

Even a trip to see the Hamilton Bengals play (Jr. B), I’m sure would be solid. Junior B can be a little bit inconsistent, talent-wise though – and I know the Bengals are struggling a bit this season. But still, any time I’ve ever taken a ‘newbie’ to a lacrosse game (whether it’s been in Owen Sound, Wallaceburg, Six Nay, Oakville) they’ve always been pretty blown away by the skill and intensity.

Honestly, it amazes me that the sport isn’t bigger.

Ha ! I used 2 play for the Bengals. IMO Lacrosse is alot more fun 2 play then watch but it is not terrible 2 watch by any means.

I would love to be able to be the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on my PSP 3.I don't think a game to itself is necessary but moreso "piggyback" the CFL onto Madden or another NFL game.Like in NBA live you also have the option of being many international/Olympic teams other then just playing as traditional NBA franchises.That would be awesome.

And yeah, Lacrosse is the the National Summertime sport of Canada;Hockey is the National Winter sport but the overall, official national sport of Canada is lacrosse.But the person who thinks more people play Lacrosse in Canada then Hockey or Football?
No offence, that's crazy.

It's a great game though, Alotta people compare it to Hockey because of the physicality but i would relate it alot more to Basket-Ball.

Field Lacrosse is big in certain regions of the U.S.A but Box Lacrosse is 1000 x better...

Lol well look at football, 5 seconds of action, whistle, players stand around doing nothing for 40 seconds (and yes it's 40 seconds in the cfl)

It's the biggest complaint of north American football from europe, aussie, etc..

Yeah, I've always thought of boxla as a hybrid of basketball and hockey. Which, is why you'd think it'd much more popular -- especially in the states.

Good on ya for lacin' 'em up for the Bengals -- that's awesome. The toughness required to play that sport, at that level, makes me shudder -- and I'm a boxer!

After viewing the demo, well, maybe it's not so bad the CFL doesn't have a comparible game!! Definitely wouldn't be up to CFL fan expectations.

thanks, i appreciate it - The toughness? It's all mentality, pain makes some people cringe and others thrive off it.It's all mental. (+ obvious athleticism/genetics but even then determination can overcome that within reason).