The NHL is a mess

Earlier this evening ASU pulls out of their plan with the Arizona Coyotes killing the arena plan. The team is on the final year of their lease with no desire or financial whearwthal of going back to Gelndale.

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reports earlier this week that the Barclays Center in Brooklyn may be booting the Islanders out effective the end of the 2018/19 season. The arena in not suitable plus the arena can make more money off concerts. Isles may move back to the renovated Coliseum but it's undersized and being run by Barclays...the same landlord kicking them out.

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The Carolina Hurricanes have been for sale for about 2 and a half years. Some say Karmanos wanting phased control is the reason why there's no sale but he's now open to dropping that condition. Wants 400 million but no takers so far even with a sweetheart lease. 7 years remain but who knows if it can be bought out.

No wonder why Quebec's expansion bid was 'deferred' last year.

I think the Islanders will be ok. There is talk of building an arena next to the Mets' stadium. The Mets' ownership also has a minority stake in the Islanders. There is also some talk about building an arena next to the Belmont race track.
I can't understand why the Barclays Center was built without hockey in mind in the first place.

Maui has just been awarded a team that will play in an outdoor stadium.