the NFL Will never leave Buffalo ..

The millionaires that live in Buffalo who invest a lot of money and time into this organization, when it comes to advertising for their business. will NEVER allow the Bills to leave.

As soon as Wilson dies and the team goes up for grabs.. I can assure you that someone in Buffalo will come forward and offer more money than anyone else to buy the team and keep it in The City..

you can't honestly think that the business people in the City of Buffalo would let something so valuable and big for their city leave like that??

come on!! Wake up!!

Once the old man kicks the bucket, the new owner(s) will be singing, "California dreamin' on such a winter's day." :lol:

Maybe theyll stop into a church along the way.

Or get down on their knees and begin to pray. Wait a minute...that's the Riders this weekend. Different song. 8)

I didn't know the The Mamas & the Papas were on this board. That was pretty solid fellas, I think it definitely aged you though.

If the Bills leave, Scott Feschuk won't have a place to tailgate. That would be unfortunate for the little boy.

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Man, he doesn't look old enough to drink, but then he probably just drinks the watered down Yankee stuff so he'll be ok then. Going to the Grey Cup Scotty? That is Canada's national football championship BTW :lol:

If you listen closely during these Sunday mornings, you can hear the evolution of our species being shifted into reverse.
That's Boofalo for ya! :lol:

The Bills will never leave Buffalo.

Millionairs cant stop a team from leaving.
You will need a billionairs to stop the team from leaving Buffalo.
Millions just is not enough.

In the end, I think there will be a new waterfront or downtown stadium capable of holding a Super Bowl in Buffalo.

It remains to be seen. Buffalo's not exactly growing. Maybe its fortunes will turn around.

From Buffalo NY to Toronto USA... I think that Toronto is more like the USA than Buffalo - at least Toronto wants to be that is for sure