The NFL should Buy the CFL

the NFL has been talking about expansion a lot and even into canada. They have more recetnly said they will never try canada anytime soon but,

If the NFL Bought The CFL i believe the CFL would no longer be mocked when it came to the way it gets run.

The NFL would then have two leagues to help groom talent (europe/canada)

Not that CFL is Sub-par talent, but the NFL could benefit . . . more importantly The CFL would profit enourmously and probably for the 1st time in a long time not be teetering on the edge of financial peril

. . . maybe just a pipe dream

no thanks

I agree with drummer on this. If the NFL buys the CFL and uses it to groom talent, then 3 down football will go the way of the dinosaur. I, personally, do not want to see this happen.


I hope you're kidding, Thryllin. Why would people watch the CFL if it was just an inferior clone of the NFL?

Former commissioner Taliabue believed the CFL and its 3 down style was important and wanted the league maitained, part of the reason that Toronto was never a serious expansion candidate (along with TV dollar reasons).

In 1997 they even created a cooperative financial/marketing agreement between the 2 leagues.

Not sure Goodall views the league in the same light but if he does the NFL purchasing the league with the goal of maintaining its integrity (which Taglibue likely would have done), could be a good thing for the CFL.

As far as I know the NFL/CFL Coopererative Relationship Agreement still exists, if so than the NFL does not view the CFL as competition but instead a partner.

If I were commisioner of the NFL, I would buy the CFL in order to maintain 3 down football, not to destroy, not sure Goodall has the same views but Tagliabue appeared to.

The NFL is not evil guys.

Some Great Points, However That Last Statement I'm Going To Nit Pick. Starting In 2003 The nFL Went About Bouycotting Canadian Players By Not Allowing It's Teams To Draft Canuks. This Past Draft Was The First In Which Canadian Players Were Eligable. The Reason That The League Did This Was Because Canada Refuised To Particapate In The Iraq War. By Doing This The Players Who Should Have Been Drafted Instead Were Picked Up As Free Agents, Which Hurts The Saleries And Futers In The League.

Now I'm Sure That The No Fun League Wants To Keep The CFL Around And Keep It Prosperous. But That Doesn't Mean Thhat They're Not Evil.

the nfl should buy the cfl, get paul tagliabue to be commissioner of the cfl, also get cfl games simulcast onto espn2, since espn owns part of tsn, they can broadcast cfl games into the united states and broaden its fan base, the nfl could have cfl players playing at the pro bowl in a cfl all star game to be played the day before the pro bowl. the nfl could have playboy host a playboy party at the grey cup so i can see that sexy eye candy and maxim needs to host a party at the grey cup, the grey cup needs more eye candy, the grey cup needs to stop those pancake breakfasts, and calgary cowboy rodeos, and have more maxim, playboy, and sports illustrated parties at the grey cup.

case closed

The NFL would never be allowed to buy the three down game because the Community owned teams would never allow it.

I doubt it would turn out good although the NFL could easily boost the Pay CFL players get but the whole Assigning players to the CFL is bad, GM's need to be able to decide if they want a guy to play and to be able to cut him whenever they want.

I never heard anything about the NFL boycotting Canadians cinsidering that O.J. Atogwe who is from Windsor was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2005 draft. It does not appear to be true.

On the NFL assigning players, just because they own the league does not mean they would have to assign players to it, the league could be run just as it is now, just new more stable ownership.

.....just thought I would help you out a bit, truwarier, and let you know this isn't a "singles" seem to have your websites a little confused.....

Wow , this is almost as good as his sushi comments. :roll:

that is the stupidest quote that ive seen in my life , the nfl doesnt care about no war, you think an owner like al davis cares if your canadian he wants to win, you think owners like the bidwells in arizona care if your canadian, those idiots are so cheap, how about the spanos family? the last thing they care about is if your canadian or american, they can barely get their ex-coach schottenheimer and aj smith to co-exist, stop watching the colbert report and your sci-fi shows, in the nfl the only thing they care about is if you can play on sunday, there is no bias towards race or country or anything else, they dont have time for politics, save your political BS for your tree hugging anti-war rally.

singles site? it aint my fault that you dont want have a playboy party at the grey cup, your some prairie cowboy, that loves your calgary stampede, your farms, your tractor and cowboy booty, that type of nonsense is boring and the grey cup doesn't need it, the grey cup is boring whenever its in a western canadian city, because the only thing you see are cowboys and trailer trash walking around.

My Apologies, I Heard This Year That It Was The First Of The Last Three Years That A Canadian Had Been Drafted. I Did A Little Digging And Found That Both Atogwe And Nick Kaczur Were Officially Drafted In '05. Stims From The '03 Draft In Which Three Canadians Kerry Carter, Israel Idonije, And Another Whos Name Escapes Me. Carter Was Expected To Go 3rd Round And Idonije A Bit Later. But Not One Of Them Was Drafted. Instead They Lost Their Spots To Guys Like WR Taco Wallace And FB Chris Davis Who Never Even Made It To Training Camp.

'04 I Couldn't Find Any Canadians That Were Drafted, But I Couldn't Find Any That Were Signed As Free Agents Straight Out Of College Either. I Remembering Hearing On The News That '06 Was The First Time In Three Years That A Canadian Had Been Drafted But I Suppose They Were Wrong.

truwarier, I think your signature should read “all doofus…everyday” - that’d be far more appropriate. It’s clear you know absolutely nothing about me. Let’s be sure to keep it that way.

So because no Canadian was drafted in 3 years, you assumed the NFL was boycotting Canadians, there are only like 12 Canadians in the NFL right now, how many would you expect to be drafted each year?

And the 2 players you mentioned not making it to camp both not only made it to camp but Chris Davis blew out his knee 2 years in a row and that is the only reason he did not make the Seahawks roster, he was a special teams beast in training camp both years, Wallace spent two seasons on the practice squad for the Seahawks and finished both years on their active roster and spent 2005 with the Packers, both guys made it not only to camp but past camp.

The NFL has never boycotted drafting Canadians.

Lots of guys that are exected to be 3rd rounders end up going undrafted, it happens to American players too. Those guys falling had nothing to do with a war.

Just cause you do not like the NFL does not mean you should make up stuff without any factual basis behind the claims.

I think the next time the NFL has to step up to the plate and borrow the CFL $4M to stay afloat, they probably will assume a bigger roll in the operation of the league.

Warner I Didn’t Make Anything Up, I Could Be Wrong, I Heard This By Word Of Mouth. But It’s The Only Reason That I Could Find That Makes Sense Why The Seahawks Would Pick Up Someone That They Know Would Play, Through Free Agentcy. I Can’t Think Of Any Draft Besides Those Two Years In The Last 20 Where There Hasn’t Been Multiple Canadians Being Drafted. If You Can Prove Me Wrong Please Do, Cause You Stink Up For The nFL Like I’m Criticizing A Person.

The Seahawks did not know Carter would play, he was a longshot and made the team, probably doesn't make the team if Chris Davis does not blow out his knee. And guess what lots of undrafted players make NFL rosters, it doesn't mean there was some conspiracy against certian players.

If you really think that the NFL refused to draft Canadians because of the War in Iraq, I got a bridge to sell you.

Currently only 14 Canadians are in the NFL, so I am guessing that many drafts have 0 Canadians, your own research shows none were signed or drafted in 2004, it is not a suprise. A Canadian player dropped, it must be a conspiracy. It couldn't be that Carter was having problems relating to the paralysis (and eventual death) of a UW player that occurred while tackling him gave NFL teams concerns about his state of mind, nop must be a conspiracy against Canadians, hell I follow the NFL draft pretty closely and I do not remember Carter being rated as a 3rd rounder but even if he was, so what? Guys drop.

Word of mouth is never a good source for claims as absurd as these, why should I prove anything?

2005 already proves the NFL was willing to draft Canadians, your the one making the outragous claims, the burdan of proof is on you, not me.