The NFL magnet

You know…I am all for these CFL players like Mallet and Grice- Mullen going for the gold- to a point. Who wouldn’t want to try out in the NFL? Moon, Flutie, Kapp, Logan, Wake…all these guys went on to “greener” pastures. The pay in the NFL is insanely more lucrative than in the CFL. BUT, it makes zero sense in my mind to offer a guy a 3 year contract with an ‘escape’ clause that is to the detriment of the franchise that hired him and to the league as a whole.

How on earth can a CFL team rebuild itself when every time it starts getting its act together it gets nixed by flaws in the system? If the CFL is meant to be a ‘farm’ organization of the NFL then so be it. But let’s call it the “Canadian Farm League for the NFL” and call it a day.

As far as I’m concerned if a player has signed onto a 3 year deal then that player stays for the full 3 years! If that player doesn’t like the deal then he doesn’t play in the CFL. If he chooses to play and after that time the team still wants to keep him then it can offer him enough incentive for him not to jump ship. At least the team gets 3 solid years out of the player. What happened to long term planning?

It seems to me that the CFL is just a place for many of the players to showcase their talents for the NFL to see. This may be okay for the individual player but it doesn’t do a whole lot for teams that are trying to rebuild and for the CFL. Gosh…it has to be a headache trying to be a coach!

or its a good opportunity to sign'em to a lucrative long term deal then dump their sorry asses without having to buy'em out and get someone younger and faster and more gullible! yea team.