The NFL is great but why does it look so slow..

compared with the CFL? And why don't they allow one foot in bounds? Watching the Chargers/Pats game, a guy on the Chargers makes a great catch but no catch, only one foot in bounds? Every other league, NCAA, NHL with a blue line one foot, MLB same, NBA same and of course the CFL. The NFL is penalizing excellent athleticisim, I just don't get it. :?

Good question Earl. I don't know for sure, but I suspect that rule is so old that nobody remembers when it was different. To me it's just another WTF NFL rule.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't mind it. I kind of like that both leagues have different rules. I think the two-feet in makes things more interesting. What game was it I was watching yesterday... a player picked off the ball, but because one foot was on another players ankle as they rolled out of the endzone, it was ruled an incomplete pass. I thought it was interesting.

One thing I will say is I'm glad they got rid of the force-out rule.

IMO, the 40 second play clock makes the game look slow... especially if you have a team that uses the running game almost exclusively. Usually it only takes a few seconds to run a play in the CFL.. whereas in the NFL it usually takes more than half a minute.

I can’t agree more …go to a shorter clock for at most 35 seconds I say.

I did not know this, but note it is the case already in the NFL when the clock is stopped, when it normally would be running, for the play clock to be reduced to 25 seconds. Makes sense eh, for the team will have had more than enough time to get a play ready and then it’s a matter of the QB going through his reads and any audibles or check-offs.

The current play clock system works in that regard for the sake of NFL football, but otherwise 40 seconds is still too long.

Of course, the obvious answer is that the NFL looks slow simply because it is slow.

WAY BACK when Jim Brown was playing for the Cleveland Browns. they played a gane that took the prize.

I don't know what they were trying to prove, other than the fact that Brown was the best running back in the league by far.

In that game, Cleveland took the opening kickoff, and started play. Each and every play was a plunge by Jim Brown. Mac Speedie didn't throw a single pass. The final plunge was across the goal line for a touchdown. What's the big deal?
Well, that play marked the end of the first quarter.

Now, admittedly, that was the extreme, but the NFL can sure use up a lot of time if they want to play that way. And, don't get me started on how they can kill the last two minutes of a game doing absolutely nothing.

In the above post I made a terrible error. I had a senior moment, so before some other oldtimer corrects me.....

Mac Speedie did not throw passes. He was the end who caught the passes. Otto Graham was the quarterback.

But, Jim Brown was the running back, and a great one..... Oops!

I think the two-feet in makes things more interesting

For the sake of being different with just about any other league or sport, ok, sure it's interesting from that perspective I suppose. But just very concocted. Doesn't make sense to me. But them's the rules.

The main thing that makes the NFL look slow to me are the continual commercial breaks.

And if the CFL could attract that kind of advertising then the game would seem slow too.

So for those who worry that the CFL is second rate it is because salaries are so low.

and the salaries are low because there is not the TV revenue.

less TV revenue=lower salaries=quicker pace.

Love both games. Take both for what they are.

Poor and fun or rich/ bloated and commercially driven. Can’t have both.

I'm curious, how is it different from every other league? I'm not really sure how you can compare it to leagues like the NBA, NHL, and MLB... :expressionless:

Edit: And by interesting, I meant it makes things more difficult. It'd be pretty easy to come down and touch one foot in, but if you have to touch two feet, well, that makes it much more difficult.

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:thup: Agreed. The NFL is slow because of the commercials. I was at a bills-chargers game a few years ago when the power went off for almost three quarters. So no TV. it was the best live pro game I had ever been to. The first half was over in an hour. None stop action.

the only negative was pissing in the dark.

Chief, take hockey, an offside isn't an offside at the blueline if you have one foot on the blueline getting the pass, you don't need two, basketball one foot with the ball going out of bounds with the one foot in bounds and you grab it and push it back in play, baseball ball going into seats just need one foot in play. Makes sense to me.

Pretty easy one foot in play? Well just having one foot means you have more chances at balls more difficult in the first place whereas with 2 feet you'd never have a chance at that ball so just as hard therefore with more possibilities for balls to be caught.

Yes, better this topic is in the other football section.

I don't think those are fair comparisons, especially the basketball one. Take the NYG/Dallas game the other night. The Cowboys punted the ball, and one of the Dallas players jumped into the air and batted the ball back so it wouldn't land in the endzone. Now, as it turns out, this player had been knocked out of play earlier, so it was still ruled a touchback. However, if he hadn't been knocked out of play, his jump into the endzone to bat the ball out would've stood, and the Giants would've started at their one. It's the same thing in basketball. Players jump and throw the ball back. It's not really about needing one or two feet in.