The NFL is considering eliminating kickoffs

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We'll wait and see who wins the bid.

You know, the way the NFL is going.......That may become a reality sooner than we think :x :x

The duration of the game does not change, so you'll have more snaps. I don't know how much time is spent between kicks and returns but you might get an extra 10 plays a game out of it. They can't widen their field so it isn't like they can magically create an exciting return game. I would be surprised if it passes anyway. I understand why traditionalists would be angry. It's such a visible change to the game that it will likely be too controversial anyway.

They can't widen their fields, but they could reduce the number of players on it, creating more gaps in the coverage. And making it easier to see players coming.

what they really need to do is eliminate punting. People can get hurt.

Yeah no kidding :roll: , including especially when they take a running start on the sidelines to punt all bad commenters right where they are begging for a good kick!

That would mean every coach/coordinator would have to redesign their playbooks.

Forgot the " :wink: " again, didn’t I?

This is a great point that I have seen no one make for sake of the primary commercial interest on the matter well above any considerations for “player safety.”

If there are more snaps on average per game, there are on average more changes in possession, injuries, commercials, and/or commercial breaks.

However, if there are more plays per game, the number of injuries on average will go up and not down as well though of course the risk of injury on special teams plays has gone way down because there just are not as many of those plays at hand at all any more.

If the owners want to eliminate guys flying full speed down the field for sake of reducing injuries, instead of boring touchbacks and fewer returns and action, I’d be for a return to rugby rules with the requirement of a drop kick (still an option in American football on kickoffs and free kicks but never used) on all kickoffs such that considerations with regard to speed on kickoffs are minimised. Very seldom does someone get hurt on an onside kick for that matter. :slight_smile:

What a foolish idea. Maybe next they can eliminate tackling and everyone can have those flags and just play flag football?
But to be honest, I don't really care. The NFL can do as they please as long as the CFL doesn't compromise the integrity of our game.

And get rid of all that blocking by allowing the defence to rush the players in the backfield only after they wait a specified number of seconds. Maybe one of the officials could be given the job of counting the seconds out.

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Yeah! They can do it like on this fine vintage play with only the snapper against three defenders counting up to "Three Mississippi" before rushing the QB! Right on! :lol: Actually they cheated the count on this play.

Even Albert Haynesworth makes a cameo to foreshadow the spectacle with Gruden's excellent announcing again!

I have enjoyed watching many games of touch football :thup:

I prefer the actual skill of any sport over the Neanderthal vs Cro Magnon contact aspect.

I think the NFL should go to the all pass offense and eliminate rushing plays. Too many injuries. :expressionless:

Steamboat violation
The defensive lineman rushed the quarterback before all the steamboats were counted. Five yard penalty, repeat first down.

Didn't realize that San Fran was building a new stadium. Might be a good location, but I still say Washington. They've never hosted it; might as well be the 50th.

....except in the NFC South, they get to use 'mississippis'...

Instead of reading three pages of posts, I'll ask our resident NFL expert, Paolo X, are they really serious on doing this or is it just a topic of discussion?

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Scrool down and read what it says at the end of the article; bunch of embarrissing hogwash and won't happen anytime soon.

Thanks backer. Glad to here this a bunch of smoke. I like the comment on the "traditional" 2 point conversion. They have had it for two years and now it's traditional.