The NFL is considering eliminating kickoffs

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I've never been a big NFL fan but all the touchbacks last season caused me to not want to watch even one full game. I won't watch at all if there are no kickoffs. This could either be good news or bad news for the CFL, which could either profit with more viewers who appreciate the importance of kickoffs, or possibly follow in the NFL's footsteps.

Terrible idea to do, instead just adopt the single for kickoffs and punts. Problem solved.

No kidding, besides there's better things to talk about like Super Bowl L (50)....perhaps in San Fransico?


Next step? Hang tear-away strips from the sides of players' waist-bands, and have the play called dead when a defender manages to pull one of the strips off the ball carrier. And eliminate all that dangerous tackling and blocking.


What is this? April Fool's was 2 weeks ago.:stuck_out_tongue:

In August 2011 Bill Belichick said he had been told the NFL was moving to eliminate kick-offs and the NFL denied it. Maybe eliminating punting will be next.

Darnit I posted on an old thread before seeing the new one: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=65121

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Here's a fine article on the matter that ignores the most important one, for go figure the article is on CBS with its television interests intact first and foremost for more predictable, and overall on average longer, commercial breaks at key times.

That's always been the real reason this rule change was made. Check out now that the NCAA has followed suit!

Player safety right? Yeah ...okay :roll:

Note that this core point does not go past the fans who comment on it below the article with general dislike for the new rule.

Now the league does have to take player safety far more seriously given the legal threat that has grown considerably from former players with medical issues via class action or otherwise, so there will not be any going back, but give me a break if the league were truly serious about player safety at a higher level before 2010 the owners would have changed so many other rules long ago.

One of many cases in point is that somehow the horse collar tackle is allowed still on the quarterback when he's in the pocket. Shoulder pad tackles on the QB in the pocket okay I can understand, but reaching for the actual collar directly behind the neck on a sack and pulling down? No player safety issue there right? :roll:

I can see the logic of it. The return game in the NFL is pretty much non existent so might as well just snap the ball. It would be weird but it has some merit. These little kick returners are getting absolutely obliterated and it will reduce head injuries or at the very least save some players health long term. No sweat of my back :slight_smile:

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The NFL as a whole loses if this issue goes down.

"Yes it's definitely 'logical' and besides, with more touchbacks there are more regular commercial breaks and so of course the networks can offer advertisers a more definite schedule for their ads such that TV timeouts as often are too early or later are reduced ...that higher certainty for prime advertisers, let alone any increase we can add for total ad time, will bring more revenue to the networks and league of course ... we'll be able to hold off much longer for any expenditures for sake of improved health benefits for the players years after retirement too since of course we have taken such great steps at improving player safety as we can also cite now in court onside kick could sure mess up the scheduling for those commercial breaks, so maybe we'll just have to eliminate the kickoff altogether to get rid of those too you know...and darn it on those punts if they are not fair caught, we'll have to find a way to deal with that problem too ..."

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//NFL Owner Rant
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I don't think I have ever loved more the rouge than I do these days.

Football without a complete kicking game (i.e. CFL and NCAA overtime too) leads the game well on the path to suck!

I'll tell you what, if they do it I'd like to think the CFL would suddenly gain viewership for actually having returns. I bet the NCAA wants no part in this.

Why don't they just adopt our rules for kicks, ie 5 yard buffer zone? :stuck_out_tongue:

The commercial break argument doesn't make sense to me. Why would the networks be looking for a commercial break after a kickoff, when they would have just had one following the TD or FG that resulted in the kickoff?

There's no five-yard buffer on kickoffs in the CFL. That's only on punts, where the coverage team is halfway downfield by the time the ball is kicked.

There are, however, rules in the CFL to prevent certain types of blocking and tackling on punts and kickoffs that are allowed in the NFL. Maybe that's where they should focus their attention?

CatsFans, when was the last time you watched an NFL game in its entirety, including especially and notoriously on a Sunday and in the playoffs?

Watch what happens after every score after every single kickoff for which there is a touchback, and also often on every single fair catch on a punt. Time it with a stopwatch.

If you are changing the channel often, you will miss what does not happen over the course of several minutes.

The more regular and timely these double breaks, often following a score and the kickoff, the more certainty in the timing for the long runs of the ads including especially in the first half.

Advertisers like, and pay a premium for, more certainty for runs of their ads in any sport.

I think the NFL is looking at moving goal posts, so a FG and convert are harder to make... :lol:

True, I tend not to watch that many NFL games, as I don't find them as exciting as CFL games in general. And I don't really have a favourite team anymore. I used to say I was a Dallas fan, but it turned out I was just a Staubach fan.

Plus, when I do watch, I tend to switch between multiple games at commercial breaks, so no, I haven't noticed the doubling up on ads. Lucky me, I guess.

make the posts move side to side.. have them on a conveyor belt that moves quickly and then you have to have the kicker time the kick so that it goes through the goal post when it reaches a location!

that would be entertaining.