The next step for the Ticats?

Now that the season is offically over for everyone, it's time that Ticats start planning for next year. And I say we take a page out of the Argos playbook and...

pilfer Chris Jones to come and be our DC. will only cost the Cats a $5,000.00 fine..of which, I'll chip in a hundred.

Wallace, that would a MAJOR step in the right direction for this team.....

What about one of their other coaches? Mike O'Shea? he has always been a fan favourite.

Sorry, Mike, but I think this team has a much better ST coach in Daley. Why would you want to bring in O'shea?

In the game last night, Owens did not get a lot of great returns, and Taylor ran pretty good against O'shea's group.

And to bring him in as a DC? Forget it, this team has already been a teaching lab for two others in the last 2 years.

It's time to get some experience.

Our special teams were good last year. We need a real, experienced defensive coordinator, maybe with new defensive coaches, and an OC to take some of the load off of Cortez. Cortez is as much to blame for the defensive fiasco this year as Creehan, he needs to spend less time callling plays and more time making sure his defense isn't being slaughtered week-in and week-out.

As far as where to start on Defense, here's what I think should be done.

I'd say go get one of Greg Marshall, Gary Etcheverry, Jeff Reinbold or Chip Garber as DC. (In that order in my mind)

If you get Marshall or Etchevvery, they'll be hands on with the defensive line. If you don't get either of them ...
Get Mike Walker as DLine Coach as he's available. Or go lure away Sinclair from Montreal or Claybrooks from Calgary.

Reinbold & Garber are also db coaches. If they're the DC, they'll coach the secondary, but if not ...
Go get Barron Miles in Saskatchewan or Orlando Steinauer in Toronto. Word is Miles is one of the up & comers as a positional coach & future coordinator. Steinauer, may be looking for a new challenge.

Overall, a total overhaul of the defensive coaching staff. Experienced DC with some younger up & comers as positional coaches.

If everything else stays the same, an improved D line and a few tweaks in the D backfield = Ticats in the Grey Cup.

Man I'd love to see Etcheverry. I love watching his wild and wacky schemes. If I was the owner/GM/Head coach, I might not want him for that very reason, but as a fan of the game and defence in particular, I sure hope at least some team in the CFL hires him.

I think Etcheverry would be a great choice. Chris Jones is one who thinks outside of the box and he has done well in this league. You can't fool veteran quarterbacks like Ray or Cavillo by presenting them with vanilla or uncreative defenses.

Besides, it would be fun and most educational to watch someone with Etcheverry's ability work his talents on our sideline.

Chip Garber got a bad rap in Toronto. His defenses were on the field for 58 minutes of the game, and then Barker blamed him, when the GM hired receivers that couldn't catch, an Oline that couldn't block and quarterbacks that couldn't throw. At the same time, it might be difficult to get a read on how well Garber could have done had all those other problems not been in his way.

Next Ownership!! Problems start at the top and trickle down.

When are you buying the team?

The first issue I would tackle is go find the best defensive mind available and bring that person to Hamilton. The best and nothing but the best. Don’t worry about the 5,000.00 fine for tampering, it didn't stop the AR# H^%$#

The second issue I would tackle is go over the game film with the new Defensive Co-ordinator and the position coaches who are staying with the team. Once that task is completed,I would go over the game film once again. After that task is completed sit down again and go over the list once again. Why do this exercise four times you ask? Obviously, whowever is responsible for talent or judging talent has done a p-poor job of selecting talent on the Oline, DlIne,the secondary and running back. I am sure I will get some push back for identifying running back but if our running back can not match the intensity of a Chad Kakkert, your waisting your time, money and game film.

The third thing I would do is identify our canadian player content, position by position and map out a succession plan and player developement. Get that kid who kicks for Laval at any cost on your negotiation list future considerations or whatever or try an Toronto Ar^%$ player tampering tactic. It works.

The fourth thing I would do is look at the Toronto Ar%$^%ts game film and match any future player selection from their roster and mirror the talent, position by position except quarterback of course.

The fifth thing I would do is stop making excuses like there are too many first year rookie players for this thing to work. That excuse is getting old considering the Ar% Ho^% had five or more at my count first year players who made an immediate possitive imapct on results of the team.

The last thing I would do is send out an apology to every season ticket holder explaining why other teams can turn things around and why you are unable to do so and what you are going to do to fix matters permanently.

Any thoughts…

2003: Toronto Argonauts and Hamilton Tiger-Cats both on verge of bankruptcy, and new owners rescue each team

Since then, the Argos have won 2 Grey Cups (2004, 2012)

TiCats have won - a semi-final game (2011)

The Eastern competition is only going to get tougher when the Ottawa Rough Riders return in 2014.

Therefore, the next TiCat step is easy - put together an organization that can WIN! and win NOW!

now tell them how exactly to do it. name names

Others get paid lots of money to find those names. But if Toronto was willing to pay a lowly $3500 tampering fine to win the Cup (Chris Jones), I think all options are on the table for the Cats.

I assume you are being sarcastic which makes your comment confusing.

O'Shea is not a fan favourite in Hamilton ... twice he jilted us ... only a fan favourite in Toronto and North Bay