The Next Speedy B?

The 2022 NFL Draft concluded in LasVegas yesterday.

The Pittsburgh Steelers selected a WR named Calvin Austin III in the 4th Round of the Draft; he was a football player first, and a Track star second for the Memphis Tigers.
Some of his measurables:

  • first & foremost, although not technically a "measurable", by all accounts, he is tough as nails & fearless ( sound familiar ?? )
  • Austin is 5'8" tall & tips the Toledos at 170#s (slightly bigger than Speedy B; about the same size a Papi White)
  • He posted a 4.32 s 40yd sprint at the NFL Combine; third fastest amongst receivers.
  • But he is not just fast . . . he is very athletic/explosive . . . posted a 39" vertical (also third amongst receivers) & 11'3" broad jump (second amongst receivers) in spite of his smaller stature. He is being described as "dynamic".
  • In his final 2 seasons at Memphis, Calvin Austin III caught 137 passes for 2204yds (16.1 avg) & 19 TD's. He also returns punts.

I wish this kid success in the NFL; every team now seems to be searching for the next Tyreek Hill (willing to give the smaller WR's a shot). But if this kid is not already on some team's CFL Neg List, I would hope the Hamilton Tiger-Cats take a good look at him. I don't imagine he would consider the CFL prior to 2024 at the earliest. Even if he is cut by the Steelers after this year's Training Camp, I am sure other teams will be willing to sign him to a Practice Team contract, but this kid sounds too much like a young Speedy B to ignore . . .

And besides, adding his name to the Tiger-Cat roster would replenish the Roman Numerals on the list; the 'Cats still have Lee Autry II & David Ungerer III on the roster. But Hamilton's roster is sans Eddy Wilson II & Lorenzo Mauldin IV.
I think Calvin Austin III would look just fine in the Black&Gold.

PS: Tyrell Ford (DB) from the University of Waterloo signed a Rookie Mini-Camp tryout contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers as well. This is the longest of longshots; should not really affect his CFL draft status.


The Steelers also drafted Iron Head Heyward's boy , Connor . He's a FB unlike Cam who is an all pro DLineman for the same Steelers .

The black and gold team looks to be back to challenge the Bengals, Ravens , and Browns .

Hey Justdewey , thanks for your great input . This site needs more fact based viewpoints like yours and less sniping .

Pat Lynch ( a big Justdewey fan)


Austin looks as good as Justdewey described him: