The Next Rocky, Earl or D. Flutie?

With 18 SB's & WR's currently listed on the Tiger Cats roster I hope the football operations staff will produce the next great Tiger Cat reciever(s). Marcel said in the Spec that "A Richard Alston and a Nate Curry will be guys who people will get to know quickly." Others that I am interested in seeing if they pan out are:

Chris Bauman and Ivan Birungi (big Canadian recievers with good CIS records)

Taylor Stubblefied (career NCAA leader in receptions could be another D.Flutie?)

Kori Dickerson (6'4" 240lbs tight end possiblity? Could be a big mismatch for those tweener outside linebackers)

William Mayfield (a part of a growing list of Appalachian State grads on the team).

That's a lot of people to assess in a short 3-week period. Likely more cuts at this position before training camp to get to a managable number. Anyone remember back in 2004 how promising Demtrius Breedlove looked? Big and fast, decent hands but didn't seem to have the grit to battle DBs for contested balls.

I personally like Taylor Stubblefield and Chris Bauman.

We were so stacked (sure we were, insert sarcasm here) at receiver when TS had his first go round with the Cats, that I don't think he had a fair shake. CB seems to have nothing but an upside, if all of his press clippings are true. Both players, in my humble opinion, could be starters for this team for the next 4 or 5 years. Bauman may need a year's experience to step fully into a starters role, but it could happen sometime in 2007.

Wasn't Stubblefield here before and released after training camp?

no, stubblefield was plucked by an nfl team, i forget wich one but i know he signed with a practice squad

It was the the St. Louis Rams

Dont worry,We will win more then last year!

I think we have a lot more talent at receiver this year than most fans realize. Looking forward to seeing real receiver competition at training camp for the first time in years.

I think Alston and Bauman in particular will turn some heads. And Taaffe seems to be realy high on Curry, who I know zip about.

i uno i dont wanna like jinx anybody but i have a funny feeling baumen will be a bust :S!!

dont shoot!

It's hard for a CFL draftee to be a bust... at best draft picks are lottery tickets.

Interesting points. In another thread (which you can read if you click here) I mentioned that I expected a few receivers to get cut before training camp begins. And it will be interesting to find out who will be cut before then.

It was also interesting to hear about what Desjardins had to say about a few of the receivers on this team. He seems to be suggesting that Alston and Curry may be starters, and has previously suggested that Bauman probably won't be starting. I don't have the exact quote from Desjardins, but after Bauman was drafted, Desjardins suggested we won't see much of Bauman this year. I don't know if there is the next great Ticat receiver among this group, but if there is, it may take some time to find out for sure. We'll just have to be patient.