The next Montreal game.

I think the Montreal game on Oct 16th should be intresting.Montreal knows they were lucky to get the last win in Winnipeg by holding the Bombers at the 1 yard line.I think the Cats can pull a few tricks out of the hat with Grant,Thigpen,Colbourne in the lineup and being utilized more so God willing we can get something out of that game.What are some of your thoughts with our team playing well the past few games do you think we could give Montreal a run for thier money? :cowboy:

Sure we can beat them. Labour Day is proof of that, and we spanked them last year.

Sure both wins were at IWS, but 2 on Montreal's 5 losses this season were at home.

The key for Hamilton, as I'm sure it is for every team, is to limit mistakes and turnovers, establish a ground game.

Sure hope Milt Collins is good to go.

We can defiantly beat Montreal, but saying that we can also show up and get our asses kicked. This team has the talent to beat any team so its not a matter of can we it just depends if they show up to play or not. The cats are also a pretty different team from last time we played the Als, on offense we are now a shorter but faster team with Thiggy playing receiver and Grant in the backfield.

Grant, like Williams, is certainly a pleasant surprise this season.

The Cats need to engage Williams in the play more often down the stretch as he has not been utilized the past few games as mid season.
As for Grant, he is a fine pass catcher as well as rusher and should be prompted for more SB duty or tailback receiving.
This guy can do it all and will be a great complement to Colbourn who revs up the intensity when playing his former Als team.

The only glaring weakness that Calvillo can exploit are the deepbacks/safeties. Anthony will pick us apart unless this group can come together soon. And Collins could very well be the missing puzzle piece.

The team we have now can beat the Als, or any team in this league for that matter, if focus and discipline are incorporated.

The talent is there.

I think we still need improvement on D before we can beat montreal at home.


The Hamilton defence that surrendered only 12 points on four field goals to Toronto on Saturday had surrendered 36, 38 and 43 points in its previous three games.

Also, from the same piece:

After looking as though he might run away with Outstanding Rookie honours, Hamilton receiver Chris Williams has been held to just five catches for 49 yards the past two weeks.
After looking as though he might run away with Outstanding Rookie honours, Hamilton receiver Chris Williams has been held to just five catches for 49 yards the past two weeks.
Williams should still win Outstanding Rookie Honors easily as he has accumulated 859 yds receiving and still has 5 games remaining.

Chris hasn't had many balls thrown to him the past few outings for some reason...Glenn may be trying to share the wealth, although a game breaker is still a game breaker.

Give him the ball and watch with amazement.

Yes I agree what were they thinking on throwing to McKay on that first play, the guy falls on his rear end trying to cut and too late the ball is in the air and an int. The second int, was similar McKay runs the wrong pattern. Why would they be throwing to the "filler" McKay when we have so many targets out there. I understand why they have to have Clark, McKay and the other Canadian out there but for god's sake don't throw the ball to them!!

I'll second that.
The only good thing I saw out of McKay was his wobbly bowling pin that almost didn't go down.

If the Game was at IWS I'd say Yes..

We have not won in Montreal in years

I hope this time will be it.

Time to make history. :thup:

When was the last time?
I believe Rod Black mentioned earlier this year that it was something to the effect of 2002 or similar?

Does that sound correct? If so, we are certainly due..

Doesn’t look like that to me.

I don’t see MacKay falling. I see the DB way off of him, and agree with Duane Forde that Kevin Glenn made a bad choice.

Take a look around the 1:40 mark

I thought MacKay was fine other than the stumble on the 2nd intercpetion. 3 catches for 30 yards, longest 18.

Yes, October 20, 2002.

Don't we have to beat winnie the "labbatt blue" pooh peg first? Before we look ahead to the larkville monrealers?

Can we even (will we) beat winnie the "labbatt blue" pooh peg this annum? :cowboy: :roll:

Ah, clouding this issue with facts, I see. :slight_smile:

After seeing that replay, it did look like the only Glenn to blame on that would be Kevin Glenn. And other than that second interception, MacKay was not bad, especially considering he's a depth guy. I recall at least one of his catches being impressive.

And that year, the Als were 13-5 and won the Grey Cup, and we had a 7-11 record.

Like I often say, you never know what can happen in this league.

And Collins might not play next game, but we may need him to come back in time for that game in Montreal.

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Well, we as fans can look that far ahead. I certainly would hope the players and coaches aren't looking past their next opponents. :slight_smile:

Put a pasting on the Bummers first.
They deserve it.