The Next Man Up Curse

We've all heard about the next man up philosophy, but we've had some pretty bad luck when that next man comes in.

Alexander starts the year on the 6 game IR, Malcolm Thompson takes his safety spot and shortly joins Alexander on the 6 game. At least he lasted a few games.
Demski Is hurt for multiple games and BOO comes in for him as next man up, and he quickly is the next man down.
Ellingson gets hurt, and we call Agudosi back, he has a monster debut, and then is 6 gamed in the next game
Yesterday Houstan goes down, and just drafted Patrice Rene gets his chance, well maybe not as he's also out long term.

Next man up is great and all and we've got decent enough depth to withstand some of these injuries, but when we're talking about the man next to the man who's the next man up, trying to field quality players gets harder and harder.

Any word on Oliveira, McRae, and Houston? Am I missing another?

There won’t be any word today. Good thing the Bombers have the best depth in the league. Also Maston and Wilson out for the year. Maybe some NFL cuts will come in. It’s a good thing for the Bombers that they still have two byes, that BC is also hurting and that Calgary is too far behind. They just have to be reasonably healthy for the Western Final, but injury adversity for sure.

So last game 3 more starters left, and at least 2 looked bad.
Did Bryant finish the game? Both Wolitarsky & Taylor's injuries looked bad, and likely long term. Hopefully Agent Orange can stick around, but we'll miss Woli's clutch catches.
Sorry, my mistake - Bryant only missed a few plays. That is good news.

It's not only the depth we have but it is that depth, those players, could be starters on every other team. That's how good we are !
I really liked Maston when he started. Too bad.

I agree, that "next man up" often finds a way to contribute big time.
I noticed Holm in a good way a few times, he came in for Taylor.
With him & Parker starting DBs, that makes 2 very green players - with what, 1 CFL start between them?
What was the word on Houston? Hope he's back.

Heard nothing on Houston but that is par for the course. Injuries are piling up like crazy. I also liked Maston a lot but unfortunately he is in the next year category with back to back season ending injuries.

Not even sure about next year for Maston. He's had 2 major injuries in 2 seasons and hardly played. He's not a young guy anymore either, he may be done.

I probably know less than either of you guys. I just keep looking at the injury list and sigh.
Wouldn't it be nice to have Agudosi back. I thought we had found our guy for WR for sure. Alexander and Ellingson and one of my favourite players Kyrie Wilson are few more. What a team if all are healthy.

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For sure. Yes we've been hit hard all year at WR & DB. But it is the injuries at LB I think that have hurt the most, with Wilson at the top of that list.
Then again, it was injury that gave Rutledge his chance.

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I love defense best. Let's see what happens. GO BOMBERS !

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I forgot, my son will be at the game today.

Hopefully not in a Tiger suit!

What the hell was that ? All of a sudden we forgot how to play football ? No pass rush at all. The snippet that shows all of Evan's Td passes shows not one Bomber anywhere near him. The most they touched him was when they shook hands after the game.
No protection for Zach. He was hung out to dry.
I know Ham is excited during the HOF game and I know we had injuries but it looked like we were in zone coverage the whole game even when They were in scoring range.
I hope this game is a wake up call LOUD AND CLEAR.

And my son is a Bomber fan too !

Look what happened last time we had a game before the bye.....
Concerning for sure

So Zach and the bomber coach are free agents at end of season? For coah who could be the next man up? For QB who could be the next man up? Argos may be going after both.

I wouldn't blame Toronto or any other club for throwing money at both Collaros and O'Shea. Getting the MVP for two years running AND the head coach who won two, maybe three GC's in a row is a move that has future success written all over it.

Well you can bet they will be sought after no doubt about it.

My crystal ball shows me Collaros going to Ottawa and O'Shea going to Montreal

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Only if they get healthy raises. But it could happen. We'll probably lose a LOT of great talent to free agency going into next season including phenom Dalton Schoen. It'll be a challenge and a half for Kyle Walters to fill in all the blanks in time to make another run...

If O'Shea were lured away I wonder how the change in team culture he built would lead more players to consider moving on?
I could see him moving closer to home if the right situation arises. Team ownership and GM defining the "right situation". I don't think money would enter into it, Winnipeg will offer a commensurate compensation package.

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