The Next Great CFL Quarterback

I like Bruce Eugene to come to the CFL and do something great as well as Vick.

Rank Player School Class
1 Matt Leinart USC Senior
2 Vince Young Texas Junior
3 Jay Cutler Vanderbilt Senior
4 Omar Jacobs Bowling Green Junior
5 Reggie McNeal Texas A&M Senior
6 Drew Olson UCLA Senior
7 Brodie Croyle Alabama Senior
8 Bruce Gradkowski Toledo Senior
9 Kellen Clemens Oregon Senior
10 Barrick Nealy Texas State Senior
11 Charlie Whitehurst Clemson Senior
12 DJ Shockley Georgia Senior
13 Travis Lulay Montana State Senior
14 Darrell Hackney UAB Senior
15 Ingle Martin Furman Senior
16 Brad Smith Missouri Senior
17 Erik Meyer Eastern Washington Senior
18 Marcus Vick Virginia Tech Junior
19 Brett Basanez Northwestern Senior
20 Justin Holland Colorado State Senior
21 Paul Pinegar Fresno State Senior
22 Brandon Kirsch Purdue Junior
23 Michael Robinson Penn State Senior
24 Bruce Eugene Grambling Senior
25 Tarvaris Jackson Alabama State Senior
26 Kent Smith Central Michigan Senior
27 Ryan Hart Rutgers Senior
28 Josh Betts Miami (OH) Senior
29 Michael Spurlock Mississippi Senior
30 Tyler Emmert Carroll College Senior

Tyler Emmert -Carrol College, Montana- He lead C.C. to two or three straight national Championships at the NAIA level. My brother saw a couple of his games and said the guy was amazing. I doubt that he would get a shot at a NFL camp so his only option is the CFL. I say give him a chance.

...Vick would really be well suited to our game.....butttttt if he's the same Vick I'm thinking of......sorry too much baggage ....kind of a shame.. :!:

Marcus Vick is Mike Vicks younger brother. (i know this because i follow the NFL and CFL both a fair bit CFL more just to clarify that) Marcus Vick has more of a mouth on him the Mike does...........and actually got kicked out of a game for kicking a guy on another team (something like that) im not sure wut he did but it was just plain stupid and arrogant. I like Mike Vick because he is a good athlete and doesnt talk to much. His brother on the other hand also a good athlete. But hes headed in the same direction as Terrell Owens is.

Why is this even being discussed? Marcus Vick is entering the NFL draft.


I rather like to see the CIS list, I make that soon, if I can

Why? I can't even think of the last time a CIS quarterback played in the CFL ... I may be mistaken ... But I can't even think of one.


probaly cuz they don't have the same oprotunaly to play as other players than are "protected" (hope you guys don't mind me using that word) by the import rule.

You are terribly wrong on this one. If a CFL team could find a canadian quarterback (not just one that playerd at a Canadian University) .. they would be DELIGHTED .. as the QB position is concidered a skilled position, and it would free up one more spot for an American.

A few years ago the Bombers tried out Tom Denison, and Darryl Leason ... Two Canadians ... Neither played a game. In fact, I play against Darryl (he QBs the Calgary Wolfpack in the AFL) ... He's one of the better players in the league ...

I did manage to dig this up tho from an article two years ago ... "Canadian-born quarterbacks in the CFL have been a rarity. The last Canuck to start a CFL game was Larry Jusdanis in 1995 with the Tiger-Cats."

Anybody remember good ol' Larry Jusdanis ... ?
Thats what I thought ...


Still think the QB posistion should count under the import rule, if you have 4 QB, you should have 1 Canadain one, even if you make him the 3nd backup.

and they can keep their day jobs.

Dare I ask why?

Personally ... I could care less where the player was born .. Whether it be America, Afghanistan, Canada, Zimbabwe or the moon ... I want to see the best football I can see for my cash ...

I can understand trying to keep the CFL as "Canadian" as possible (whatever that means ... Canada's population is a hodge-podge of literally hundreds of ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds ... but our football has to be from "Canada") .. But in doing so - you limit the selection pool - and thus .. water down the product. I'm not saying all Canadians are worse players or anything of that nature ... its just a restriction that I dont feel is nescisary ...

meh. No big deal .. just a thought.


keep the game Canadian, and that's a lot coming from a non canadian.

Kanga-Kucha or K-Kand BB
"Aussie in blood, Yankee in nature, Canuck in heart"

Actually I do remember Larry Jusdanis. As for having a Canadian QB to free up an import spot, that is just plain wrong. The three QBs allowed on the roster are not counted against the import number. They can be import or non import, it doesn't matter. You really ought to inform yourself of the rules before you go spouting off on subjects about which you know nothing.

Ah .. I didn't know that. Thanks @sshole.


I think this guy means me, and I say have a mandatory Canadian QB on every team is a great idea. Besides, how many QBs does a team really need? only 3. So I say out of 4 QB, have one be a Canadian.