The Next Great Canadian QB Volume VII

From The Ottawa Sun:
Forget the stigma about Canadian quarterbacks, how they don't stack up, how they're not good enough. John and Debbie O'Connor's son, who started playing football as a seven-year-old with the Orléans Bengals then later at Ashbury College, could be a game changer.

The 6-foot-5 quarterback, ranked as ESPN's third-best pocket passer in the Class of 2014, has committed to play for the Penn State Nittany Lions for the 2014 season, a year down the road.

"If I could have success at Penn State and play professionally in the CFL, that would be great," said O'Connor. "I don't think of it as a Canadian quarterback thing. It would be pretty cool to be one of the first Canadian CFL quarterbacks in quite awhile, especially if I could play in Ottawa."

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volume VII ??

Seems like the Canadian qb is getting closer and closer to bursting the bubble. A few qbs drafted over the last 10 years, some going to e camps. I was always surprised falds never got a try out. Granted he suffered some major hurt his senior year. brannigan was a bust. Kyle Q deciding to not continue his career, brad S switching to receiver, not sure what mueller is doing. Never heard if he got a pro invite. I guess we will see if shutter gets a Pro invite. Will finch is my best guess on the next possible Canadian roster maker. Hopefully this young man does as well. The Canadian qb is one of my favourite discussions. hoepfully a team chooses to take time and develope a Canadian qb at some point. it's just too easy to sign American abs that already have 2-3 years of pro experience

There is no Canadian QB stigma. It's all about ability, training and opportunity, as proven by the Canadian QB who was the MVP in Superbowl XXVI. Given excellent training there is no reason why any Canadian with the required athletic ability can't also succeed. It's not about where they're from.

I'll believe it when I see it.

No one is saying stigma. hence why I said it would be rad if a team decided to develope And train a Canadian qb.

There is no stigma. Nobody refuses to hire Canadian QBs simply because they're Canadian. It's all about ability. The talented athletes in Canada just don't get the high quality training, from a young age, that's needed to be ready to play as a pro. When they do, they can get opportunities.

Should have phrased differently- no one on this form is saying stigma. Good article hope he does well in college ball. seems like a pretty uppity high school he attended. Kind of fun he mentioned Ottawa cfl team as well. Training is getting better, and I think in a few more years some of these kids will have the talent to get over the hump. don't see many QBs, let alone Canadian ones, last in the CFL without some American pro experience. Always a few exceptions (BLM) but not common. I would like to see each team be able to carry 4 QBs OUTSIDE of the available roster spots. This would allow for better QB development all around (be it Canadian or American). there have been some terrible QBs over the recent years. But we have enough threads about that lol

Do you mean you want 7 QBs on the roster?? If not, and you mean 4 total, most teams already carry a QB on the PR.

make more room specially for QBs on the team outside the roster. although a rule would then have to be implemented that the position be filled by a player with at least 2 years post high school qb playing time. Or teams could just call any player a qb. I remember Toronto only dressing 2 QBs a few seasons ago. That worked out well...

I am under the impression that teams have to carry 3 QBs (no designation) 19 imports 20 non-imports

Of the 24 starters on a team, a minimum of seven starters must be non-imports.

1 QB
16 starting imports
7 starting non-imports

So if they did start a Canadian QB would they still need to start 7 non-imports?

Yes. QBs are not a factor in the I/NI quota. Matt Dunigan proposed that if teams dressed an NI QB they be allowed to dress an additional import but nothing ever came of the idea.

Here's an idea. Why not include non-import QB's in the non-import ratio?

The number of Canadian starters could remain the same, 17 imports and 7 non-imports = 24. Then Canadian QB's would count in the ratio. If the team started a non-import QB, they could start an extra import in another position.

So the roster would be:

17 import starters
4 designated-imports = 21 imports

7 non-import starters
14 non-import players = 21 non-imports

With this scenario, the number of imports is reduced by 1 and non-imports increased by 1, from current ratios.

Some may complain this will make the league "too Canadian" or there aren't enough good non-imports to go around with Ottawa coming in, blah, blah, blah. An alternative is to have 5 D.I.'s and 13 N.I. backups, which would maintain the current 22 import and 20 non-import ratio.

p.s. There still needs to be the requirement that each team designated 3 players (of any nationality) as QB's, who cannot play any other position.

Most people would prolly agree a Canadian qb should NOT be mandated. but a small reward is alright.

No the stigma is not about being Canadian as a QB, its about the stigma of signing a CIS QB. The fact that this kid has been signed from a Canadian high school to the NCAA is huge. He will get instant recognition from CFL teams because he would come from the NCAA which has better coachung, better training, competition at a much higher level and this kid gets the opportunity to play against defences that are bigger, faster, stronger and better coached than anything the CIS could throw at him. The CIS QB is just not up to the standard to be a starter in the CFL, but a Canadian QB at the NCAA level could start in the CFL, unless this kid has an outstanding College career and he gets signed by an NFL team.

I say its huge because its only happened once before and that was Jesse Palmer.

i really do hope this young man has a great college career. great article find

Interesting article on a Canadian QB eligible for the 2015 CFL draft which was overlooked by the CFL scouting bureau.

'Air Canada' Brandon Bridge hopes to fly direct into NFL, like Rypien and Palmer John Kryk Yesterday at 8:00 PM

First there was Mark Rypien in the ’90s. Then Jesse Palmer early last decade.

Mississauga’s Brandon Bridge has a chance to become the third NFL quarterback in the modern era who hails from Canada.

Bridge is the 12th-ranked quarterback for the NFL draft in mid-spring, according to Fourteen quarterbacks were selected last year.

Bridge had been so low on the radar in Canada that the CFL was apparently unaware of his existence until the last few weeks. More on that in a moment.

The 22-year-old from the University of South Alabama is one of 15 quarterbacks taking part in the NFL scouting combine. The scoop on Bridge is he is an especially raw, inaccurate passer who didn’t have much starting experience at two colleges (Alcorn State then South Alabama).

But, boy, does he have a bazooka for an arm. And a burning desire to stick it to his doubters.

Like his first childhood football idol -- Tom Brady of the New England Patriots -- Bridge prides himself on continually disappointing such critics.

“You want to prove them wrong,? Bridge said Thursday during his roundtable session with reporters. “Hopefully (I’ll) play in the NFL, and put Toronto on the map, showing that we have the talent.

“I was a Patriots fan, just due to the fact that Tom Brady overcame (so much). I love the ‘Brady 6’ story, of how he was always overlooked and always had that chip on his shoulder. I feel like I’m kind of doing that as well.?

On Monday, NFL Network’s Mike Mayock told me on his pre-combine conference call that Bridge has “got a whip (for an arm), it’s just he has no idea what he’s doing yet.?

Bridge acknowledged he has a lot to work on.

“I’ll take that criticism and definitely try to turn it into a positive,? he said. “I’m definitely working on all my weaknesses (to) turn them into strengths.?

To that end, Bridge has been working out with quarterback guru Steve Calhoun in California, and will continue in Alabama under the tutelage of David Morris at QB Country.

“There’s been a lot of talk about how I’ve got lazy footwork, and I kind of rely too much on my arm strength,? Bridge said. “Hopefully on Saturday I can show them I’ve been working on that, and it’s been polished up.

“(I’m) trying to have a balanced base whenever I throw the ball. Throughout the season (I was) falling back, and throwing off my back foot and relying on my arm. I have to stop doing that because obviously that gets me in trouble.?

Bridge was born in Toronto, and raised in the neighbouring Meadowvale/Streetsville area of Mississauga, which hugs the 401 highway around Mavis Road.

After taking up the sport at age 11, and becoming a quarterback at age 13, he starred in high school at St. Marcellinus Secondary School.

Bridge thought he’d get a scholarship offer to the University of Buffalo. But then head coach Turner Gill bolted to Kansas University, and the UB offer never came. Eventually, Bridge went to lower-division Alcorn State University in Lorman, Miss.

It was there, where former NFL star Steve McNair played his college ball, that Bridge earned his “Air Canada? nickname, which he incorporates into this Twitter handle (@Air_Canada_7).

“Fans at Alcorn State compared me to Steve ‘Air’ McNair,? Bridge said. “When people didn’t know my name they just called me ‘Canada,’ and so people just made it ‘Air Canada.’

“I kind of just stuck with it. Little did they know that (that’s the name of) a Canadian airline.?

After starting as a true freshman at Alcorn State in 2010, the coaches who recruited him left, and his experience there soured. He got his release.

Top-tier school Mississippi State, of the SEC, showed interest but didn’t have a spot for Bridge, so they turned him South Alabama’s way.

Over the past two seasons with the Jaguars, Bridge completed just 50.1% of his passes for 16 touchdowns and 10 interceptions -- bad numbers, really, and in an NFL-unfriendly spread attack to boot.

Still, there’s no reason the CFL Scouting Bureau should have been unaware of him until last month: Bridge wasn’t included in the bureau’s 20 Canadian prospects, either in its initial September rankings or in the updated ones in December.

Why was Bridge omitted?

“I have no idea,? he said. “I actually have now been invited to the CFL’s scouting combine (March 27-29 in Toronto). But it’s around my pro day, and my agent told me to just worry about the NFL combine and (South Alabama’s March 30) pro day.?

Bridge’s message to NFL talent evaluators this week?

“That I’m turning all my weaknesses into strengths, and that the guy you’ll get on your team is a great teammate, and a guy who’s always willing to work hard.?

And stat line:

CAREER STATS SEASON CMP ATT YDS CMP% YPA LNG TD INT SACK RAT RAW QBR ADJ QBR 2014 160 307 1927 52.1 6.28 67 15 8 23 115.8 45.0 34.6 2013 29 66 398 43.9 6.03 56 1 2 4 93.5 52.1 45.2

Seems like he's a good bet to a late round NFL draft pick or undrafted FA signee, but I wonder if a CFL team would invest a later round pick in the CFL draft on the chances he is looking for work in 3-4 yrs.

It won't be at Penn State, but he signed up with a great coach:

having a Canadian QB will not help with any ratio but it will draw some very positive attention to the CFL in Canada. Having the skill set and valuable training. As well the physical attributes that a Quinlan have and Finch will Have could be developed like any other player who is brought along in stages.
Quinlan's situation at the time was a lot to do with the coaching turnover at the time. A bit different now with Montreal setting up a program and having the greatest passer ever on the Staff now. There is no special spot but using the 9 and now 6 game IR for a 4th or 5th QB is still common place.
Whether Quinlan would still be interested who knows. But Montreal still has him on the suspended list and AC has already made public that he is interested in Quinlan.
Cayman Shutter another QB who played in the states through HS and also with a DI program. Things did not work out and the DUI stigma was attached to him. Little known is that he was an academic all american at Hawaii and graduated witha year of eligibilty left. He showed off his arm for the Rams but Regina was in a rebuilding mode during his two seasons there.
AC should push for one of those two to be signed somewhere where he can work with them while they gain valuable time at practice and film room. Also Jordan Yantz has already spent time in BC Lions camp over Hec winner Billy Greene at the time
Finch will be eligible next season and O'connor in a few seasons.

Seems like he's a good bet to a late round NFL draft pick or undrafted FA signee, but I wonder if a CFL team would invest a later round pick in the CFL draft on the chances he is looking for work in 3-4 yrs.[/quot

This what I don't get. The CZfL knew all about this guy. TSN did a whole segment on him at the Grey Cup this year, even interviewed CFL GM's about him. Perhaps CFL scouts did not think he was ready to go, so why waste a pick