The Next Few Weeks Will Define Toronto's Season

Toronto has a home/home aginst Edmonton (can you say huge?), followed by a home/home against Montreal. If the start playing inspired ball, and get on a roll, they could go 4-2 to close the season and end at 9-9. That could even put them in front of Montreal.

I think chances are very good Toronto makes the PO's and hosting a game is in their hands......

Id like to see them beat the eskimos so they dont make the playoffs but I dont see it happening I think they will cross over

Dont the next few weeks define everyone's season?

yes they do jman_135

It's a toss up on this one for me. I would love to see the Esks miss the playoffs again but I can't seem to find myself cheering for the Argos.

In an ideal world, Ticats will make a run and steal 3rd place in the east with more points than Edmonton in the West.

There are still 6 weeks left in the season so alot can still change among the teams.

If Edmonton sweeps, I think Toronto would be toast

Too early to tell anything yet, other than Hammer needs a miracle.

go boatmen. strength vs. strength - pass happy Ray vs. Argo's secondary

You could say that, but for some teams wins mean more right now than for others. for toronto, who could be on the outside looking in, a few wins, and all of a sudden they are in. Therefor, the title "The next few weeks defines Toronto's season" stands true.

When I wrote this I was thinking that Toronto would sweep against edmonton. (already half way there) I realy couldn't see Edmonton sweeping any team in this league.
I think Toronto will split against Montreal, and win one more. That will leave them 4-2 over the last 6, and to finish at 9-9

I think the Argos will sweep Montreal without Calvillo. Look for them to beat up on the Eskies next week without Ray.

Isn't AC back this weekend?

I do not know about you but those Argos are closing in on the Bombers could it be they want first place. :lol:

Even if Toronto did go 4-2 to close out, we'd have to go 1-5 for them to over take us. Very unlikey, even for you to think1