The Next Canadian Quarterback

Watching last nights Sports cast, BC hasn't had time to sign a third string QB for Thursday nights game against the Tiger Cats. So, If Both Pierce and Jackson go down, Fireman Brett Anderson comes to the rescue. :lol: :lol: (He really is a fireman.) Brett Anderson did play one season of QB in his first year at SFU.

Other tongue and cheek mentions by coach Buono was Barron Miles and Geroy Simon.

Thae Canadian QB returns to the CFL! :wink: :wink:

I would just do direct snaps to Joe Smith if it ever came down to that!

Actually, when they talked to Anderson here were his plays:

Play 1 Hand off to Smith
Play 2 Hand off to Smith
Play 3 Hand off to Smith
Play 4 Throw a pass to keep them honest.
Play 5 Hand off to Smith
Play 6 Hand off to Smith


Glad to see the players have a sense of humour!

That guy is the emergency everything for the BC Lions. I remember he had to go on for some field goals a few years back, and he is already the kickoff guy.

....Brett Anderson....Russ Jackson.....can they be mentioned in the same breath????....welllll....both are canucks....both of their names end in 'son'...i guess thats as close as it gets sport.....otherwise i believe Brett has a long way to go....go.... :lol: :lol: :lol: and you have Jackson as a back-up as well....things get curiouser and curiouser :roll: :lol: ....all kidding aside .. It sure is nice to see a Canadian at the pivot spot... even as a back-up ..and will we ever see one as good as Russ Jackson was....sure seems like a long time between quality Canadian qbs. in this league.... :roll:

Hmmm, this thread almost is like when I got mad playing golf and threw all my clubs in the drink except the putter which I used from holes 5-18. Interesting my score wasn't much worse than I usually do, in the 3 figures. 8)

Yes, nice to see a Canadian at the qb position, hopefully one day there will be rule to encourage all CFL teams to employ a Canadian if they are able.

For play #4, shouldn't that read, "throw an incompletion to keep them honest...?

Anyway, during that debacle last week, some of us were speculating who your "emergency" QB was....we were hoping to see him.....

According to Wally, it will HAVE TO BE AN EMERGENCY to put Anderson in! :wink: :wink:

Trivia question - who is the only CIS Quarterback currently playing in the CFL?

Well, Anderson did play QB at SFU for one year, but I think that was when they were in the NAIA.

I guess you mean Matt Bertrand, but I'm not so sure he's the only one. Some of the Canadian DB's and WR's have played some QB before switching. Chris Hardy of the Argos for one.

its interesting indeed. The Canadian QB is a thing we'll probably never see in the CFL. The CIS league is a terrible leaping board for players, especially QBs to make it to the pro level. Teams just have no interest in using a canuck at QB.

The CIAU passing record holder (Ryan Zahara), and the former CIAU passing record holder (Darryl Leason) aren't playing in the CFL, they're both playing in the Alberta Football League.


After watching Leason play CIS and Junior, I thought for sure he might break the "barrier" and make it to the CFL.

Thanks for the info statik. Glad to hear Leason is still playing ball.

How about that guy who was on that chick show "The Bachelor" a few years back - I thought he got released from the NFL and went to a Canadian team - maybe Montreal?

His name was Jesse Palmer. - what happened to him

Palmer went into broadcasting.

Both him and his brother are an incredible tandom (something about playing together for 30 years!); and they wreak havok amongst secondaries all across Alberta. It took 4 seasons, but we finally beat them in one of the most exciting games i've been apart of. Hard to believe, its so rare, but Darryl fumbled on the one yard line in an attempted QB sneak with 1:40 left on the clock while down by 7.

[url=][/url] if you'd like to keep up with his games.


Ottawa quarterback Josh Sacobie -

nice photos-StatiK76 - would you say the level of play is = to ncaa? empty stands or or full?