The Next 7

Technically, if we win the next 7 we will end at.500 and possibley securing a playoff spot. Anything is possible in the CFL, baby!


I’m serious.

2 against the Argos back-to-back, 2 against the Eskimos back-to-back.
The Eskies are slumping and could there be a more driving factor for Maas to get his act together, then to defeat his former team?

There’s 4 wins right there.

Come on… It’s possible

I wish I were capable of your optimism, but I'm not.

When Marshall was still coaching, this team was competetive and was slowly improving.

This team has gotten worse and worse and are so far gone that I think they are beyond hopeless.

Blow it up now and put everyone, fans, coaches and palyers, out of their misery and give everyone a chance to start anew somehwere else.

I just want people to know it was Katz who fired Marshall!

I was thinking the same thing. However I believe in baby steps, let's just win the next game and go from there.

This team has no heart or confidence left. I am a true believer in attitude affecting performance and execution.

is this proof enough, IT WASNT MARSHALL WHO WAS THE PROBLEM!!!

Did you watch the game last night?

Think of last nights game, and the two home games before it as minor bumps on the road...

...or blips on the radar screen...

...or anamolies...

Now, think positive.

Have we seen the worst game played this season, or could it possibly get worse? I have a very bad feeling about Labour Day...

What colour is the sky in your world

We are Lambs for slaughter on Labour day if the Three stooges continue to run this team!

Next game? Let's pretend that the season is over and NOT ATTEND any more this season until Lancaster and Paopao are no longer in sight. Both should be put against the wall!