The new WInnipeg Stadium hits a funding shortfall

A $45-million shortfall?

That...sounds vaguely familiar. :wink:

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Damn that Eisenberger!

No surprise there... this deal stunk from day one...... at this rate, the Bummers will be playing out of the Polo Park parking lot.. jeez!!

New thifty design models are on their way!




A colleague I work with has seasons tickets with the Bombers. She told me the other week that construction has hit a snag. The design calls for the "bowl" to be excavated to a depth of 20 feet...unfortunately they hit the water table at 10. It's been a couple wet summers in a row and of course..the thing is a stones throw from the Red what do you expect.

Welcome the Winnipeg Blue Bombers Water Polo team.

They should have discovered that during pre-engineering surveys and ground samples.

The drawings I've looked at at Blue and has piles under foundations, which would tell me they already knew the soil was very soft.


Create a floating stadium on a barge, problem solved! :slight_smile:

I guess that rules out Confederation Park.

A meeting among various levels of government and David Asper is to be held soon re the funding gap.

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Did the stadium not break ground already? If so it's kind late to turn back now.

Pretty sketchy that this happens now.

The fact is the federal government has not committed one cent to the construction of the Wpg stadium...unlike the $27 million for BMO, $40 million for Hamilton's stadium and a 1/3rd portion of the initial Molson upgrade in Montreal. The feds just don't fund stadiums in western Canada, and never have. :roll:

Commonwealth?????? :? :? :?

I wonder what Doug Brown's take is on this issue considering he made such a huge issue over the hot water at IWS. Looks like the Bummers have more water than they need. Nice to see other cities have great difficulty putting it all together. At least the stadium in Winnipeg has started and there are talks with the Provincial and Federal Governement regarding funding. The City of Hamilton on the other hand is still in the middle of walk and don't walk with a truck with no breaks heading towards the intersection.

But they didn't give one cent to Ottawa's stadium either. So how do you explain that?

Besides its us TAXPAYERS MONEY

The Federal and provincial governments have put in a combined $35 million towards the $115 million cost


The price tag is now up to $160 million CAD: ... 84766.html

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They can play West Harbour!!!!!

[b]Grover wrote:[/b] The Federal and provincial governments have put in a combined $35 million towards the $115 million cost
The Feds have not committed one cent towards the Wpg stadium. They will provide $15 million to purchase weight-training equipment for a new University athletic centre which will be attached to the stadium.