The new uniforms - the good and the bad

The good thing about the new uniforms is that overall, they've improved the colors - I like BC in orange, and the Argos have reverted to their old "Double Blue", which are Oxford and Cambridge blue.

Overall, the uniforms are much more colorful.

Also, they've got rid of some of the clutter on the jerseys - simpler, cleaner look....especially on the Argos.

However, I don't like the advertising on the uniforms.

Most of all, the problem, I find, is that the uniforms pretty well are all of the same design - that's what happens when ALL the uniforms are designed by the same outfit.

The colors are different, of course.

But they all have the same pattern, the same curved horizontal line on the front at the shoulders, same size numerals, and numerals and logos at exactly the same spot....cookie-cutter approach, just switch the colors and the rest, it's "paint by numbers".

None of this is surprising, of course, given that Reebok designed them all.

There are two many with the same new style, with jersies, and with the pants. Too many teams with same but with differnt colours.

i think the bombers faired the worst. from nicest to one of the worst jerserys. too bad. i guess it goes with the season.

I wonder how much control each team had over the designs? If I understand correctly, Reebok supplies the uniforms to all the teams as part of their sponsorship deal so I guess they get a fair amount of control for their $.

Our jersey situation could be worse. How would we like to be like English soccer, they get new jerseys every year.

I like the old ones alot more but the new ones are alright. the Beast ones are Toronto and the worst are Winnipeg.

agreed- toronto faired well

I don't like Calgarys away uni's the red shoulder looks to minor league to me.

  • CAL road jersey looks pretty bad with the red "cape" design.

  • I don't mind WPG's.

  • OTT's look good. Really glad about the red 3rd jersey too.

  • HAM pretty good

  • TOR very good.

  • EDM not much change

  • BC good

  • SAS not much change, but look sharp

  • MTL I don't really think they changed anything

Overall, no complaints, other than CAL road. It's not easy to make football jerseys look unique. Not sure anyone else would've done much better.