The New Stadium

First of all, I'm (dare I say it?) an Argo fan who is only cheering for the Green because of the alternative. I attended the Argo game at Taylor Field back in 1972 (Theismann's injury) and was made to feel "somewhat welcome" after the game was out of hand (and it didn't take long).

Anyway, I'm wondering if there's been any discussion about naming rights to the new stadium. As a long-time fan of the game (and an economic realist), I see corporate names on stadia and arenas everywhere-it seems that they sometimes change annually! Anyway, I think it would be a wonderfully appropriate idea if the name somehow incorporated the three greatest names in Rider history: George Reed, Ed McQuarters and of course, the "Little General".

...just a thought from the Enemy Camp (although my mom was born in Saskatoon and I've always been a Howe fan!) :rockin:

I havent heard too much talk about the name. I imagine it is going to include Mosaic still just because as potash as grown here that's a company that is really putting roots down in Saskatchewan.

It would be so awesome if it incorporated some legends but I doubt it will.

Is it going to be open air, or domed?

open aired with a doom to follow later, wish they'd just doom it now!

here is an article on it with a "concept " picture. it will be an open design with the option to dome in the future.

While I agree it would be fantastic to be able to dome it brand new the financial reality is I don't think it would have gotten tax payers approval. Sure we all love the Riders but when taxes go up for those that don't go or can not go to enjoy this, things get a little bit testy. I live in Prince Albert and if I'm lucky get to one game a year. Still it will effect my taxes which I don't mind but if your a senior (god I'm getting close to being one) and on a very tight budget something like this can and does ruffle feathers. A compromise is better then nothing and from my understanding of the new design wind will not be near the factor it is now. The fans are protected for the most part from the elements except for the heat or cold. To maintain a dome stadium is certainly not cheap. Heating and cooling costs along would be phenomenal. Basically you would have to have the facility in full use 95% of the time all year to keep up with the costs. If the economy stays stable or if Saskatchewan and Regina go through a major growth spurt for a few year then it could be considered, but we all know how unpredictable the economy is and I don't think they could sell the idea for a dome right now. I also think the fact they were hoping for some Federal money which never happened pretty much put the dome concept on the back burner at least for now.

If the team can continue to put a good product on the field, between ticket sales, apparel revenues, and all the marketing and promotion, they will make some good profits. It is estimated this year the Riders have generated close to 50 million in cash. Not sure what expenses are -I believe salary Cap is 4.5 million. Would all the other stuff be a other 10 million? 15 million? Not sure..

Point is that this team is now financially solid, and can afford to build a war chest for stadium improvements etc....

As far as a dome, I think it is a great idea. And regarding heating costs for Rider games, it wouldn't have to be fully heated. Anything other than being exposed to 50 km winds and minus 20 is an improvement. Take away the wind factor if inside temp was 5 degrees, that is still good Football conditions in later part of the season

I agree in your statement of the heating or cooling costs for the Rider games would be the least expensive but as I mentioned to recover the cost of the dome itself the facility would have to be used all year. Maintaining a comfortable temperature when it's -35 isn't cheap so you would have to have events going all the time. I realize Regina is growing but is there enough to keep it active especially in the Winter? I suppose they could "shut down" during really slow times but then it takes even longer to recover the costs. Tough call I know Maybe Oprah Winfrey could chip in. :wink:

I had read somewhere that a stadium was being built somewhere with Solar Panels for green and its own electric.
Has it been discussed or even possible for the Riders to build their stadium under their own wind mill power.

Another thought I had would be unique. If the Riders built the stadium as planned now to add a roof or retractable roof later could they sell the naming rights for the retractable roof?

You still need to tie into grid. What are you going to do...stop the game and wait for the wind to come back? Wait until it is sunny to play?

Straight up solar/wind power for anything outside of a home or extremely small venue is presently a pipe dream. All you do is install the necessary grid requirements, PLUS all of the switching gear PLUS all of the solar stuff. Quick way to tack on an extra 30-40 mil for a project like this. Do you have any idea the capacitance requirements for 1 event at something like this? I mean, with solar you are never going to be able to play in the dark, and wind simply is not reliable enough.

The technology is simply not commercial scale available.

Now BloomEnergy...great option, and I hope it is explored, though it is unlikely.

Concentrated solar power, promising for such a venue, simply not proven out yet. It will be big though.

I did realize that the stadium could not be fully lit up by its own wind power but was not sure how much it would be worth if the power can be used and stored and used as much as possible to make a difference in cost for a venue of that size.
I do think that as the technology gets better this will be something that will become well worth looking into in venues to produce and store their own energy

Has the RFP been awarded for the prime contractor / builder? If so, who got the bid?

Sorry, I have not heard if this is old news.

Another option for heat in the winter could be geothermal - not sure of the cost / benefit anaylsis though.

I have to think the payback on geothermal on something like this would be well over 50 years, but who knows.

Final tender is not completed, but the formal proposal portion has narrowed it to Bouygues/Graham, Clark/Turner and PCL

Geothermal does take along time to recoup costs, plus uses a lot of power as someone told me awhile back when I asked about it. Living in PA my only regret with the new site is, it's not in Saskatoon, which would be more central to all, yah I am sure those down south will jump on me for this, but you don't have to drive 4 hrs both ways or better as some drive further yet! Also need to dome it in now, not later as it will never happen if not done now!

After winning the Grey Cup could really bring a financial boom for the Riders, as if they already do not have one. Besides the regular rider Jerseys how much Grey cup Champion Merchandise will be flying off the shelf. Add in a 3rd Jersey and the sky is the limit!
An enclosed venue also gets a Grey Cup back in Regina a lot quiker and probably a lot more over the years.
The RV Mobile Hotel areas seemed to be pretty popular with the modern RVs out there, so the rooming issue will have an advantage coming the next GC in Regina.
How many more opposing fans will be watching Rider games and how much will this affect the rise in sponsors and $$$ to go with it.
Stadium naming rights. could there be a bidding war for the rights to have your companies name associated with the Riders Stadium.
Never been done before but could someone actually pay for the naming right to the rectractable roof.
Hamiltons new stadium naming rights are TiM Hortons but inside the stadium they have the Coors Light patio in one end zone, and the seagrams vip section in the other.
You can sell naming and sponsor rights to just about everything.

Im guessing PCL

I tend to agree, though all are Canadian and 2 started in Saskatchewan, including PCL. I could see PCL not only getting this job, but showing interest in some sort of naming rights. This is just the type of job PCL wants their name on, but Turner is pretty massive competition. Graham is hurting because of the ~40 mil loss on the Saskatoon south bridge…it could near cripple that company.

little surprised it hasn't been mentioned on here, but PCL was essentially awarded the stadium...will be approved in a few days and officially awarded in a couple of months after security exchanges and such. This would likely mean an unveiling of the new design by early June, though it would not be shocking to see them wait until the first preseason game or home opener.

No shock it was PCL.

Whatever design they finally set on, I hope the wind still affects the games. Visiting teams coming to Regina and never having to worry about the wind would be just wrong.

As much as the past at Taylor field had its crazy winds all signs are pointing to a stadium with a shell that would prevent much of the wind and cold as there is at the wide open Taylor Field.
Also the fact that they are leaving the potiong for further retractable roof to be placed in seeing something similar to Olympic with a smaller whole and fans under cover and safe from the winds is most likley going to happen.