The new schedual

At first look, the new schedual isn't anywhere near as good

i know we should play saskatchewan more than montreal

It sucks for the eskimos too IMO.

At least they didn't change any of the home dates. And now we start the season against the Shabby Tabbies, a great way to get going.

I don't really like that only one of the last 7 games is against a divisional opponent, but it's probably all they could do on short notice.

Thats an understatement. I think only the CFL can come up with this kind of schedule. Its an 8 team league that insists on playing 18 games over the span of 20 weeks. There are 8 weeks in the schedule where only 3 games are played that week and 2 teams have a bye that week. I think its ridiculous. Bye weeks made sense when it had 9 teams and 1 team had a bye each week, that way the schedule had to be played over 20 weeks. With there being 8 teams, each team should play 1 game very week, no more byes. As for the argument that the players need a rest, we often heard more complaints about teams playing too many games close together followed by a long break between games.


I would have preferred a balanced schedule, eliminate the bye and have every team play every week.

But given this is one season only (we hope) and that at this late date it might be tough to reschedule dates all over the league I can accept the new schedule.