The NEW!!!

is it free? lol

yup it is free but some areas are for the exclusive use of their Fan Club.

Let me know when it is free.
Until then, it is a waste of cyberspace....

I agree with Arius(cringe). I'd have to disagree that it's a waste of space but, 'Hey club that gauges at every opportunity', give a fan a break! We already pay for internet service(likely from 1 of 2 companies that sponsor the Riders), and our computers(which may have been bought at a Rider sponsors store) so I think it should be public access. This is a community owned franchise after all.


Who cares about the internet service, or the computers. What about our season tickets and whatnot lol

So true.


I didn't notice much of a difference.

It's still to "busy", too much going on. What happened to a nice "clean" look?

That's exactly what I thought about it Dust. Too much stuff going on for me to notice that anything had changed. Replacing one busy site with another busy site, where you just rearrange all of the busy-ness, does not a "new" site make.

I like it, but I liked the old site too. A refresh is nice. The game banner at the top seems to be a league-wide thing.

I suppose you could say it's too busy, but I tell you what ... spend some time at Riderville poking around, then go to the sites of some other CFL teams. Toronto and Montreal stand out, but not for the right reasons. You will feel much better after that, trust me.

The Riders put more effort into their site than almost anyone in the league (Hamilton does an excellent job as well), and the info we fans get is topical and up to date.

I'm OK with that.