The new plan sucks

I really dislike that the North Stands will be demolished and replaced with no roof surrounded by Highrise towers. Its bad enough that we have a condo tower in the east end zones and now we are facing as ticket holders, to be surrounded by more towers. Believe me, I think that it's a great idea, and, I have suggested this in the past, to de-couple the arena from the bowels of the football stadium and chuck it to the "Great Lawn", which I believe is a waste of space. With all the hi-rise buildings surrounding the once spacious football stadium, it will feel like the Redblacks will be playing in the "projects". Why not just move the stadium then and leave the rest of the project to the old hippies in the Glebe that hate sports.

I Agree the roof needs to be part of the project .

Replace what you lost .

They risk losing a pretty good core of fans but they don't seem to care .

I buy north side under the roof when I go for one reason .

So I can go to the game if it rains and stay dry .

Had seasons on the south side but the weather made me go over during the game to the north side a few times and find empty seats under cover when it rained .

I then switched over to the north side for seasons and now without seasons I only go if the buyer or me is getting north side under the roof .

I won't waste money and time on something too unpredictable for a regular season game . Playoffs would be different but a regular season game not worth the gamble of not being able to attend .

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