The new perception – Tough Rules are Meaningless

Gass throws his helmet, then gets the suspension overturned. Jimenez leg whips a player then gets his suspension overturned. In both incidents, the alternative easier call of allowing the “wrongdoer? some benefit of the doubt was allowed/supported. Where perception is everything, the new perception is that if you put up enough of a stink, the CFL will let you off. While the CFL did not directly make this last decision (as it was made by an independent arbitrator), they will be supporting a dangerous precedent if they stand back and do nothing now.

This event will show, to me, how smart the CFL is. If they are smart, they will recognize that they have an image problem and will quickly introduce a new system of dispute resolution to show that they are doing something. If they are not smart, they will continue with status quo since they are mistaken in thinking they have a good reputation in this area of the game and can afford status quo.

I believe both players and fans want to see some positive action because they are losing confidence that problems will be dealt with, which I think could lead to certain forms of vigilante justice. The bottom line is the CFL needs to address this perception in a hurry.

What do you want them to do?
The league did what it had to do and disciplined both players.
What more can they do?

I agree with Ro. The league did what it could. I might question how much effort they did for Anthony but Tom Wright was the guy that worked out the details with the CFLPA.
The problem is the CFLPA. They are the ones to blame here for having a loop hole that stops any form of discipline by the league. I for one can not think of any league that allows the players to dictate disciplinary measures. Who is running the league?

Every league has as system that allows for arbitration.
Ever union has the same system.
The problem is not with the CFLPA but with the arbitrators themselves.

As for Anthony, I am sure they did not leave him out in the cold. There must be some-sort of injury insurance plan with either the league or the union.

Both the softball and hockey leagues at work have them. I cant see the CFL not having something.

Ro, you are "sure" but you don't know. That is unlike you to assume.

Tell ya what
Next time I sign a CFL contract, I will check and let you know!

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After reading what happened to Dyson five years ago, I think it's safe to say that the arbitrator in the Jimenez hearing has the final say on the punishment. You can't blame the league for the decision of an independent party.

In Dyson's case, the arbitrator threw the book at him.


Actually Ro he gets no help. The Stamps are going to help him through this according to Ted Hellard.

Perception is, NHL & NFL have suspensions that stick! CFL, well, nothing sticks here. Cheat, injure, commit dangerous fouls,the Arbitrator and CFLPA will set you free!

To whoever started this thread - the League gave the discipline it could, the player followed the process he was allowed under the CBA, and the results were what they were.

There is nothing the league could have done in either case to change it. And there is nothing it can do, without the agreement of the CFLPA, to change the process before the expiry of this CBA.

If you are angry over what you feel was an incorrect arbitrator's decision, PM RLR, and he'll get you sorted out.

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Maybe it's time for some veteran players(say, each teams CFLPA rep) to step up and admit that from year to year there ARE some incidents that require disciplinary action for the offender in defense of the victim.

And how hard is it for the CFL to find 8-16(1 or 2 in every teams city) arbitrators who, understand the unique football situations a lot better than currently, and will support the CFL's actions unless the offender or evidence can prove otherwise? In the cases of Gass and Jiminez, it seems like they got off with basically no more than an apology. What the heck is with that? You wanna talk Mickey Mouse...