The New Look CFL in 2012

High Five , your reading my setup wrong.

-there is 2 confrences ( East and West)
-and 4 divisions (3 teams in each)
-(Toronto and Hamilton are in the same divison)

What about Victoria? Or in Vernon, BC, betwwen Kelowna and Kamloops.

Kind of like with Packers.

The Okanagan is big enough. Put a stadium in Kelowna, right in the middle, and everyone from Oliver up to Kamploops wouldn't have to drive more than an hour to get there. No different than driving from White Rock to downtown.

^^ Exactly!

Definitely needs to be another team in Quebec. Everyone knows they're nuts for football. Halifax would nice. I can't see a team flying in Southwestern Ontario. London or Windsor. Just aint happening.

i would prefer to see a team in Halifax to be honest, Ottawa has proven time and time again they do NOT deserve a team, what with the fold ups and such. QC i cant see supporting a team properly (NHL Nordiques come to mind)Red deer is a pipe dream .A Vancouver island team could be do-able, when I lived out there , the lions support base was pretty large and a lot of businesses between Victoria had advertising on local radio broadcasts.

There are lots of places in Canada to expand. We have a great product, so lets bring it to more communities. The CFL should be in the following cities:

West Division:
BC Lions
Okanagan Orchards
Calgary Stampeders
Victoria 39ers

Praire Division:
Saskatchewan Roughriders
Edmonton Eskimos
Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Saskatoon SunDogs

Central Division
Windsor Royals
London Rippers
Hamilton Tiger Cats
Toronto Argonauts

East Division:
Montreal Alouettes
Ottawa Lawmen
Halifax Schooners
Quebec Patriotes

An hour's drive is quite a ways for a football game, and there wouldn't be any public transit available. And driving through the mountains in bad weather will deter a lot of people. Basically, the only people driving into Kelowna for CFL games would be season-ticket holders, and it's hard to sell season tickets to someone who doesn't even live in the home city. How many people drive in from White Rock for Lions' games?

It's the same reason I think Halifax is a much better choice than Moncton. Moncton may have more people in a 3-hr radius, but that's the problem - it's a 3-hr radius. Concentration is what counts. People like to complain about stadiums not being in the centre of their city. How are they going to feel about the stadium not even being NEAR their city?

As per the 2003 census, Red Deer has a population of 72,000. Do you think that 1 in 3 people, which is required for the team to survive will attend the games?

Kelowna has an approximate population, including surrounding area, of 150000. This is way to small to build a 25000 seat stadium and to be able to support a team.

Saskatchewan, due to the corporate sponsors, can only support one team, the team in Regina. Plus the city of Saskatoon would have a really hard time getting funding to build a stadium.

As ro1313 stated Red Deer is way to small to have a CFL team.

Again the CFL cannot expand for the sake of expanding.

Doesn't Regina have a pop of 200 000?

But they also draw from Moose Jaw, Weyburn, Estevan, Melville, Yorkton, a bit from Saskatoon, and a bit from Swift Current.

Overall the Roughriders actually draw from around 3-400000.

True, the most Kelowna would get is some Kamloops-ians which has a pop of 90 000. I now doubt Victoria could maintain a franchise, too many ol' folks'. :stuck_out_tongue:

I live in London, Ontario. It is the best football town in Canada outside of the CFL. And is probably better than a few in the league.

We're a good sports town with money. We sellout the 10,000 seat JLC for the KNights, with a waiting list for season tickets. The Western Mustangs football team draw about 7,000 fans a game for their games.
They get 11,000 for the homecoming games.

LOndon would be a great CFL city. We need a stadium though. Frank D'angelo should look here. Not Ottawa.

Here's my 2012 CFL:

West Division: Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatchwan:

Central Division: Winnipeg, Toronto, Hamilton, London

Eastern Division: Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec, Halifax.

And the new London cFl team would be called the Lords, after the Ontario semi-pro team that used to play to sellout crowds at Labatts Park years ago.

Oh yeah, speaking of hippieville, why doesn't it have a nice stadium? They hosted the '94 CG! To my knowledge, it was held in a crappy (maybe not crappy but, odd) university stadium! Capacity: 5 000!

Sorry but, London will never compare to the 5 largest city in the country.

London can't compare population wise. But football wise it can.

But our population is 350,000, and within 45 minutes of London there must be well over a million people. You've got Woodstock, Ingersoll, St.Thomas, Sarnia, Chatham, Stathroy, Tillsonburg, Stratford, Kitchener, Cambridge etc etc etc.

The Knights draw from all over. The London CfL team would as well. We could easily sellout a 30,-35,000 seat stadium every game.

Enough of the dead end towns like Ottawa. They had their chance and blew it.

It's always nice to revisit a topic 2 years later.

By 2014, Toronto will be a team in the AFC North, won't it?