The New Look CFL in 2012

Hey how does this sound for a new look CFL?

     West                     East

North South North South
1.Edmonton 1.Calgary 1.Ottawa 1.Hamilton
2.Saskatoon 2.Vancouver 2.Montreal 2.Toronto
3.Winnipeg 3.Saskachewan3.Halifax 3.London

  • Divison (winners)
  • 1 wild Card each confrence

Very nice if it could happen.

Won't work for two reasons. First, your scheme doesn't reflect regional rivalries (e.g., Toronto-Hamilton, Saks-Clgy). Second, it doesn't reflect the East-West historical rivalry...

Yes, I was just thinking more about the number of teams rather than the whole setup to be honest.

It will definitly be possible to have a 10 team league, but any more is unlikely. Saskatoon has a lot of Football fans, for the Roughriders. It would be too expensive to build a stadium in Saskatoon, and the fan base for the riders will slip a little.

Let's return to the days of old and have the CIS champs play the CFL champs for the Grey Cup. Blowouts, maybe, but this might really spark a huge interest in football in cities that don't currently have CFL teams and lead to upgrading university stadiums to the point some could join the CFL.

I know, crazy thought but just thought I'd mention it. Not a viable idea.

The Riders would have to change their name to Regina Riders…another RR on the helmets…

very crazy!

and so is the idea of saskatoon having a team and not quebec city.

Actually, that would be great, I miss the talk about this was bush and mickey mouse etc. Just not the same really!


West Division
Red Deer

East Division

I know many will scoff at Red Deer, but 3 games each against Edm, Cal & Sask will ensure thousands of opposing fans attending most of their games. Alberta is also the strongest football market in Canada and fast-growing Red Deer already has a larger population than Regina did for half their CFL existence.

Yeah, Saskatoon can't support a CFL franchise. I like Invader's scheme better, although I'm curious to know if another team in B.C. would fly.

Not in BC. All the towns are too small, or if big enough, are too close together.

Victoria, while it has a pop base that is pretty good, is filled with pols and old farts. A Vancouver Island team might make it, but I doubt it.

Kelowna might be a better fit than Victoria. Could draw from Penticton, Vernon and Kamloops ect... Probably better demographics than Victoria, more plausable then Red Deer.

Much more likely:

CFL in 2014


Halifax(if they win their Commonwealth Games bid)
Quebec City(if they can get a stadium)

Kelowna is too small and is filling up with retirees, (see Victoria) and would only draw maybe 2,500 fans on a regular basis. Perhaps try again in 2106...

Another Expansion post, I can hardly wait to see next weeks one. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Can anyone name me 4 millionaire to invest in these locations?

Can anyone name the stadiums (other than Ottawa) big enough to hold a CFL game?

Great dreaming, but it wont happen.

Probably Ottawa, Halifax IF and its a big IF they get the Commonwealth games, and possibly QC.

Everywhere is is just a dream.

I only see three possible cities that could support a CFL team right now and those are London, Halifax, and Quebec City. As much as we'd like to see an 11 or 12 team league, it won't happen.

And I'm sure that if we were to go with a 12 team league, there would still be two divisions with 6 in each.

10 teams would be perfect for the CFL.

I hope Ottawa doesn't get another CFL team, they don't have the fan support. People there just don't seem to care, I remember when they started the season out 3-0 and they had trouble bringing in fans. There are other cities who deserve a chance as well.

The fans are there in Ottawa - what they need is an owner to bring them out. Look at Hamilton, and yes, even the Argos. The owner counts more than the team's record in the CFL.

Kelowna, Kamloops, all those medium-sized interior BC cities are nice, but none of them is big enough INDIVIDUALLY to support a team. Sure, there may be almost a million people living within an x mile radius, but who's going to drive hours - through the mountains, occasionally in the winter, no less - to go to a football game? Some people, sure, but not many.

Red Deer is an interesting idea, but they're probably like Saskatoon, in that everyone's either a Stamps or Esks fan. Fort McMurray is actually getting pretty big, but who would want to play up there ... ugh, you'd need a covered stadium FOR SURE!

Right now there are only 4 markets that don't have CFL teams, that I think could support them: London, Ottawa, Quebec City and Halifax. It would be great to see each of those cities get a team, and have a 12-team league. I would love it if we had 12 strong, healthy, thriving teams!!! And anyway, what would be the problem with putting a London team in the West Division? They are west of Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec and Halifax, after all ...

Hey, I've got a name for the Red Deer team...the Red Deer Deer!