cuz its ugly!!!!....maybe if they had a NICE lookin paw....but this is terrible

and the normal BC LIONS logo is much better anyways!!!

For those complaining about the paw , well it's a throw back to earlier eras of the Lions . There's history behind that paw , that's why it's there.

Agree, both the helmet and the uniform are the best design in any sport?

Yeah the Stamps were going to use a horse's butt logo but decided at the las minute against it. I'm in trouble for sure.

a horses butt woulda been nicer than the BC paw!

The Riders next logo is gonna be a fan with tears rolling down his/her face.

Yeah and probably a lot more attractive to the average Stamps fan. Ouch…

THE PAW ROCKS!!!! I don't who you are!

Calgary's logo looks like the Ford Mustang, so I don't like it as much as I like the secord logo wihch breify was the primaly logo in 2003 during the Frod lawsuit over the original one. Calgary's secord logo rocks!

Expect for the old Winnipeg unifrom, YES!!!

.......KK, where do you get your facts? there was no 2003 pending lawsuit between the Stampeders and theFord Motor Company......... own opinion, the paw does have historic significance, but I'd see it as a shoulder emblem max, not a helmet emblem.......then again, I'm not all that crazy about the regular BC logo either, nothing against the team, but it just doesn't 'do-it' for me........if I were Braley, I'd get a kick-ass marketing group involved and produce a really decent upgrade.......sort of like what Denver or New England did.......come up with a freaking mean looking mountain lion thing.......

I like the paw, scratching post purrrrrrrrrrr

Straight up PIGSEYE...I thought they looked like a bunch of School girls playing hopscotch....

I was told by another huddler abou it in a topic I buoght up abou Calgary’s logo a few months ago. As you stated above abou the BC logo, I feel the same abou the primaly logo of Calgary. The Paw for me is a symbol of the BC lions becoming the Vancouver Lions (Cuz I hate the term “Bristh Colombia”, sounds like a UK overseas territory! :twisted:) and is the past and THEE future of the Leos! I’d love to see it make a comeback (revarped, of cousre). [/b]

The white helmet looks weird…I agree with Eskylo…Black Helmet.

Ok, but while while and orange spirts down the center.

but a silver helmet is ok too.

Hmmm, Silver....Have to see. Must be betterthan white!

Okay??? I guess you have quite an imagination. I guess this would make the T-Cats the chalked outlines chalk outlines.

........Zing!.....good one there cffl........or the little rocks tossed into the squares.....

I always repeat everything twice.....everything twice.

Another Smart ass Lion Fan comment :roll:

Is it just me? or does it seem like your head is swelling with every victory, we are having a discussion about Lions logo;s and you take a pot shot at us yet once again…here you want something childish…, my 12 year old niece showed me this so you can use it for your next Logo and a tribute to fans like you… LMAO