The New Kid!

When i was young, a new kid moved into my home town. He got all the attention, even my friends liked him more than me, and i know he stole my bike, because he regularly gave my girl friend rides too school on my favorite old Schwinn...grrrrrr......ooommmmm......grr....oomm...AHHH!
But i moved on and become a bitter person for it.
My point is. What dosen't kill ya, makes you stronger.And after much reflecting, i feel Durrant, Bishop and the Riders will regroup as a unit, using this trade as a positive wake up call.........I just hope Durrant dosen't ride a Schwinn......

Sorry deflated, I married the girl, but you can have your Schwin back now, I outgrew that! :smiley:

I know what your saying, but as I said before, Saskatchewan is one big sewing circle, and we'll get over it. I Thank Crandell, but we ALL said he could not make it happen. Bishop is hungry, angry, talented, and out to prove something. He may be just what we need right now. Durant is young hungry and talented. He keeps this up and becomes bigger and stronger from it, it won't be a matter of IF he gets #1, but when. I agree, we have seen this all before, and we will again...soon.

By the way, about the Schwin. I was just kidding. It's what we do here in the forum. I'm keeping the bike.

You wish you were keeping it. While you weren't looking I took it. Rides real nice. I took the pink wicker basket off the front though. Not my Style :lol: :rockin:

I agree that Bishop is hungy and angry but he has very little talent. He can run and he has a good arm but none of that matters when you only hit 52% of your passes.

well we will see hbw10 give bishop a game or two to show us rider fans what hes made of then maybe I will comments like that seriously

you raise this in support of Crandell who was below 50% in two of his last 3 games?

I dont know why, but when I saw that “sewing circle” I thought sewing was another word.

Does it make me a bad person if I noticed that as well? :wink:

Michael summed it up in one sentence when asked by the local media here in Regina on Monday,"Why do you think the Rider's brought you in?" He simply replied.."they wanted to be a better football team." He said it with all the confidence in the world, he knows he's the #1 guy here right now..period. Do you see the comments about his former team? He's not coming out here after the treatment in T.O. to (1) be treated like that by our management and (2) sit as a back up QB to any inexperienced QB's with a couple wins under their belts when he's a proven starter going 11-1 for the team that didn't even repect him for doing it. Toronto's going to find out soon enough why we didn't believe Kerry was worth a raise in the off season.

Welcome to the forum, Moga!

Thanks Legal..I meant what I said..everyone knows there's a new Sherriff in Riderville and he's a gun slinger. Even with his completion average..the 360+ yards and 3 TD's he manages per game makes up for it..

I don't know where you got those stats, but they are very very wrong.
Last year he was 11-1 as a starter averaged 243 yds and 1.8 tds

I will gladly change my tune if he plays well I am just saying his track record isn't very good. And before anyone says it Crandell's wasn't the best either but it just seems like we made a lateral move. I still have faith in our ET and KM and hope they know what they are doing.

I have faith as well we may have moved laterally but the ability for Bishop to be mobile is key

All Bishop has to do is get the ball in Cate's hands. And not the run up the middle every play. Bishop has the ability to move around where Crandell didn't. Bishop will likely have a limited offensive package and Cates will most likely be involved on a majority of those plays. Once the QB starts moving the pocket around you will see everything will open up like it did for Durrant. I expect the Riders to be successful on labour day and Cates will have another big day. The Rider D will also have a good day getting pressure on Glenn and sacking him.

What about todays practice? Wed, it`s been over for hours, what happened. is down again, for sure the practice report is done....doesn`t anybody have a clue?