The New Juran Bolden?!

so since hefney is getting so much credit (which he deserves) i thought id give a shout out to another bomber db that has had just as good if not a better year LENNY WALLS! you hardly ever hear the guys name... because his guy is always covered and the qbs hardly throw towards him!

when you do hear his name its for an interception or a big hit!!! he towers out there and if u get the chance to watch him closely he always blankets the recievers and when the opposition does get the ball in his area he is one of the better tacklers we have, if he gets his arms on a ball carrier he tosses them down effortlessly and so many times has stepped up to lay his shoulder into rbs or wr's on the sideline!

just thought he should get some more recognition as well :rockin: big kid, still younger, great cover guy, physical and a hard hitter, the secondary is as good right now as ive seen in awhile here in bomberland :thup:

Lenny Walls is having a great season. When they mentioned how many interceptions he has this season it was a “you’re kidding” moment for me because he has been silently great and the numbers just sneak up on you in a way.

...i'm sure glad the Bombers seen fit to give him a nice contract...He was tentative at coming on board at first....wanted a little more than the stumps were paying him and the Bomber brass seen fit to grant that....He;s worth every cent so far...another player success for the BigBlue in 09....i hope we keep him around for a long time... :thup:

yeah. he has quietly been great, has a real presense about him on the field.. definately one of those cornerstone players theyve discovered on the D that makes the future for this team look so bright... if we can find a good longterm qb and maybe a bit of an experienced reciever to add to our young talent this team really looks like it has some success in its future if they can keep this group together