The New Generation Bombers...

Holy Crap if you look back at who theyve signed and gotten better, theres about 20 names:
-Albert Johnson III
-Kyries Hebert
-Donnovan Carter
-Kelly Malveaux
-Robert Grant
-Ibrahim Khan
-Val St. Germain
-Those Raiders Guys
-A whole whack of Nuck OLs
-Barrin Simpson :slight_smile: Cant Forget
-Brad Banks
-Ive probably forgot a bunch more rookies and stuff too lol
and the Only - is Keith Stokes, But AJ87 Should fill in nicely. I think Winnipeg stadium's grey cup will see its Blue and Gold holding a silver mug at the end of it all.

This is an ubelivable pick up year. Cant wait got my grey cup tickets Row 13, End Zone

Blue Gold Thunder Lightening Big Bold BOMBERS!


basement! basement! jk looks good on paper sort of, but thats about it :stuck_out_tongue:


you just want every other fan, cuz BOMBER BLUE IS COMING THOUGH!!!

can u guys please make some sense with ur posts, wot is the point in the last 2!!! i'm assumig biggreen is some type of sask-a-bush fan, so wot r u doin here? who the hell is jk? maybe ur confused with kj - kerry joseph. sorry to "pis* on ur parade", but kj will not lead u to the promised land!!!

jk=Just Kidding

boy do i feel ike an idiot now - sorry bigreen! i still think that kj won't lead u to the promised land! lol. i hope he proves me wrong and the riders / bombers play in the grey cup - wudn't that be a slammin' 'prairie party'!!!