the new era

so Far We are 1-1 in the casey printers era yes it not all be cause of him but you got to think he had some affect on the team.

He has. Regardless of how people perceive his comments upon arrival, his signing sent a signal to the players that the football operations side will do its damnedest to land the best player available now, unlike the years and years we couldn't/wouldn't with past regimes.

It is Casey's team. He expects to win. It's a breath of fresh air from the "I try, but it's frustrating" mindset that preceeded him. Not belittling Maas here, but that devolution is hard to counteract when the losses pile up.

Oski Wee Wee,

I agree too actually. Even if Printers hasn't had a huge impact directly on the field, I think psychologically he has helped the team already. We didn't play like losers Friday night.

The team didn't make anywhere even close to the usual number of mental errors and I'd like to think that's a result of Casey Printers wanting to win so badly.

Maas also wanted to win but somehow he just didn't have the proper 'connection' with the rest of the team.

Printers has 'the connection'. He wants to win so badly it's infectious.

After Casey got hurt he was there on the sidelines trying to do the best he could to help Richie and the team to get a win. A lot was made of his attitude that he was all about himself but I didn't see any of that. He congratulated guys when they came off the field. He wasn't just standing on the sidelines watching with his arms crossed like 11 used to do.

Have to admit 11 did seem to do that.

casey'a attiude has surely rubbed off on the rest of the team he was acting like a fan on the sidelines cheering his teammates on

No Kidding! :thup: :thup:

The only time we ever saw Maas wave a towel in the air was to surrender!

Printers is a nice change.