The New Doug Flutie

One could easily state that Doug Flutie was the best QB to operate in the CFL. It has taken me some time but, I believe Darian Durant is the new Doug Flutie. He runs, he spots secondary receivers, he throws and generally will find many ways to win a football game,and he gets lucky at times which all great QBs do. To a Alouettes supporter I have been frustratred by his play but, I must admit Durant has had the Montreal defense running in circles. He has gone through them, passed over them,ran through them, and fooled them and, in the past three games between these teams he has dominated and excelled. Durant is now the best QB in the CFL.

I would not call him anywhere near doug floutie, or the best qb currently in the league

Durant is good, but he's maybe 75% as good as far.

Flutie threw 270 TD passes and rushed for 66 TD's in eight seasons, being named the league's Most Outstanding player 6 times (not including playoffs/GC).

Durant threw 42 TD passes rushed for 8 TD's in five he'd better get throwing!

is he CURRENTLY the
could he be one day, yes.

right now, he has no MOP awards, No Grey Cup Championships...and when you talk of dominating the als, im pretty sure the als have won 2 of the last 3 meetings between the riders and als.

since we're talking NEW so-and-so, i believe Chris Leak has potential to be the next Damon Allen.
learning from the best, in calvillo, and surrounded with the top talent in the league will go along way in the development of young number 12!

He is no Flutie, no disrespect to DD, I like his skills, But he cannot be compared to Flutie. Flutie was perfect for the CFL, and he showed it!. Tom Clements was a Flutie type QB. Yup DD is good and will get better, but I'm not sure we'll ever see another Flutie with his unique style and uncanny ability.

This thread should be deleted....

Doug Flutie:
6 Most Oustanding Player Awards(record)
3 Grey Cup MVP awards
3 Grey Cups
6619 passing yards in one season(record)
48 TD passes in one season(record)
99-27 overall as a starter
41,000 career passing yards(in only 8 seasons)
surpassed 500 yards rushing in 6 of his 8 seasons.
voted #1 player of all time by TSN a few years ago.

also, 14000 yards in the NFL and 86 passing TDs

Durant will never come remotely close to doing what Flutie did.

He's no Flutie yet and I doubt he ever will be but he does draw on the strengths Flutie had, he "gets" Fluties skills and knows what Flutie was all about I think.

But Flutie was able to combine smarts and quick thinking with his athletic quicks better than anyone I've ever seen in the CFL, more like Russ Jackson I think but even better.

Absolutely no comparison, again no disrespect to DD or any other QB in the league, even the current best AC.
Doug was I believe a fluke of nature, the best QB when he played in any league.

let's not get so far ahead of ourselves that you can't recover!

Durant may be becoming a very good and solid QB but he is far from the Doug Flutie of the 10's.

how can you say that?

DD couldn't do a thing against the stamps earlier this season. He is no flutie. I think leak will be closer to flutie then DD

What? Doug Flutie was a once-in-a-lifetime player. There will never be another Doug Flutie, and if there was, I don't think it would be Darian Durant. They guy hasn't even started two full seasons and some are comparing him to arguably the best player in CFL history? In the immortal words of Meshawn Johnson,"C'mon, man!"

He hasn't even come close to bankrupting a CFL team. No comparison.

it was wishfull thinking that caused you to chose your handle, wasnt it

I am a huge fan of Darian but......really!!!??

Durant is my favorite still playing QB, but there will never be another Doug Flutie, in this or any other league.

However, as with Moon, if another one comes along, the NFL will not make the same mistake twice. We will not see the likes of either again in the CFL.

The NFL doesn't hire players, general managers hire players, and there are many in the NFL. Many who can make bad decisions about the players they recruit. We will continue to see players prove themselves in the CFL because no NFL team wanted them. So it only stands to reason that some day we will see another Warren Moon, Doug Flutie or Jeff Garcia. Durant might be it, but he has much to prove before his name should even be mentioned along with the truly greats.

its the bias that has changed. The NFL has learned not to dismiss black QBs or shorter QBs. They may still favor taller ones, but they will not be so quick to let another Flutie slip through their fingers.

I don't agree at all with regard to the NFL being any more tolerant of shorter quarterbacks in this age. In fact the current reality is just the opposite. There will be more Doug Flutie's who will slip through.

In the last decade the draft patterns show overwhelmingly the quarterbacks standing about 6-3 or more drafted with most of the cuts within a few seasons for any quarterback under 6-3 making it through the NFL draft. Even Colt McCoy is on the bubble right now after all his undue hype (see NFL prototype thread in Other Leagues).

FYB -- BAH! :stuck_out_tongue:

It is not as if the NFL was oblivious to Flutie, he was drafted albeit at 285 the lowest of any Heisman Trophy winner. He likely would have stayed in the NFL if not for the 1987players strike. He made a huge mistake IMHO by crossing the picket lines during the strike earning him a "scab" label. Fortunately for CFL fans, that label did not follow him to the CFL. My only criticism of Flutie is that he was a hired gun who displayed little loyalty to the teams he played for or the fans.

Moon however did go undrafted, some would suggest because of his colour, I would agree but can't provide proof for the anal on this site. Hugh Campbell had connections with the Washington Huskies which would pay dividends over the years and one was Moon.

I would find it difficult to compare the 2, to me they were totally different in playing style and loyalty.

I would take Moon over Flutie with both in their prime.

I don't know why people have to start comparing player to player in terms of greatness. First of all Darian has done nothing to support this comparison. He shows tremendous potential and may well prove to be one of the best in CFL history but it is much too early in his career to start comparing him to any of the great CFL QB's. People were comparing Travis Lulay to Dave Dickenson and he hadn't played a full CFL game - but he did have red hair.