The New Copeland showed up last night!

Germaine Copeland of old is gone. The ego is checked at the door. Tonight he displayed that when after having a 49 yard play. An Eskimo defender got into with Germaine and he simply walked away from it. The Eskimo player got a roughing penalty. No show boating absolutely nothing. He has by far been the best receiver in camp thus far. His new attitude is catching on with his team mates as well. I do miss the dancing though :lol: :lol:

...does this mean he's really trying to be like Milt...his idol and best receiver in the league...or has he just gone 'wooosy'... :lol:

Ah you did bite! I find it funny the guy was hated being a show off now he emualtes Milty and gets crapped on by no other then the fahter of the bombers. :roll: I heard Milty was going for a ring this year. Keep the MR Kleen from that bath tub Milt.

,,,,Germain has to just keep watching the Turtle Man...and he'll even show Copeland how to set a passing record...and maybe even slip on a Grey Cup ring..... :rockin: :thup:

Well dad if milty and blink is all you got then I would bet on a bath tub ring is all they get.

...remember the name Armstrong,,,cuz he's gonna rank right up there with Blink and Milt...along with a few others on the BigBlue who will gain prominence in 07....bring it on.... :rockin: :rockin: :thup:

What happened to the other Calgary Receivers?

Only Copeland and Rambo showed up(on the stats sheet atleast) Lewis did show up, but not as a pass catcher.

1 catch for 13 yards for Lewis? unless he was only on the field for one series that's horrible for Lewis.

Armstrong is that not a floor cleaner?

Bombers Offence:
Franklin, Roberts, Milt, Armstrong.

also possibly Edwards and Stoddard

Pass thrower Glenn(backed up by Holland)

Ha ha ha the stats are again for the brief time they had on the field. You missed Boe! He did play and caught passes. The play Lewis scored a touchdown was on a sideline pass and he went in untouched. Tell me the enormous stats Armstrong had? Is that not a floor covering?

Chuckle is that it? Flight should take a flight out of town, Edwards he is the guy from the Als right he was expendable ha ha ha Stoddard has disappeared from radar that last couple of years. Milty and Blink is all you got! Glenn :lol: :lol: :lol:

I saw a story on Copeland on TSN last night, and he himself said that he has a new focus on playing and not on showboating after a big play or a TD. If that is his new attitude , good for him, I hope he does well(excpet against the Riders , of course). I will give him the benefit of the doubt for now, but we shall see how this plays out over the season. The piece also said that he was in the best shape he has ever been in, so that is a good sign that he has matured a bit over last year.

Well Sambo the other night he went 49 yards got tackled and punched by an eskimo player he walked away said nothing id nothing. The Eskimo player received the penalty. So if this is any indication then it seems he has turned the corner in his career. He has been playing outstanding.