The New Coach

Where do you guys think he's gunna come from?

Do you think Maccocia will end up in Montreal and THE DON in Hamilton like the press has been hinting at over the last couple weeks?

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No to both

Desjardins doesn't seem to be the least bit interested in Mathews. He more or less alluded to Mathew's age and physical condition on the fifth quarter as the reasons for his lack of interest here.

He says he'd like to get someone young enough to be around a while.

I can't help wondering if perhaps another reason might be that he just doesn't like the man, having worked with him in Montreal.

Mathew's isn't exactly "Mr. Warmth" when it comes to making new friends, especially the media.

He would set Ken Peters straight.... hmmm maybe not a bad idea.

Stop with this Don come to hamilton crap, he's done no more coaching. Alot of you fans are talking about getting a coach that will build this team, so why do you want someone who would probably be here for a year.

what he said!