The new cheerleader in Mosquitoville!!

First there was the coach's wife, now even the reporters there are cheerleading.

From the sports section of the Winnipeg Free Press:

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WARNING: you'll want to have a pail handy when you read this. It could induce vomiting!!!

I've read much worse than that. The Bombers should definitely not overlook the Riders, especially on Labour Day. It's a different stack of pancakes and the Riders always seem to raise they're game 10 fold on Labour Day. He does speak the truth, the measuring stick in the east is Montreal and I don't think anyone will argue against that. Since people are "questioning" how good Winnipeg actually is, until they play the Als, that question will linger amongst the doubing Thomas'. Montreal does appear to be a tad on the underwhelming side this year, but still field a team that is capable of winning.

There's nothing wrong with expecting to win. In fact, some teams have become accustomed to it. For example, winning has become so part of the Als that if Montreal truly hits the skids, the fans will jump off the bandwagon so hard and so quickly.

If it's the article I think it is, my only beef is the reference of the Bombers as being an "elite" team now. good season...oops....7-1 season to date does not make any team "elite". Try winning the cup a few years in a row or at least get to the cup over several seasons and then perhaps the team could be called "elite". Consistency over time as opposed to a flash in the pan. And for Winnipeg...way too early to make the call.

Other than that...yes. They are playing well...offensively ..well enough to win. Defensively...very well.

Especially since the Bombers hold the distinction as the team to have the longest current drought without the Cup; 21 years and counting.

I have never cheered for the a Rider win so much in my life. :wink: Didn't read the article because I pretty much already know what it says.