The NEW Chant Solution to End the Curse

I've been racking my brain and yet the solution was there for us all the time.

Mr. Young:
Please listen 'cause this will save face AND end the curse.

Haven't you always believed that the Argos are truly icky, ucky and yucky?
They're synonymous - Argos? Uck!

T- Shirts with this new slogan should be perfectly acceptable. And now say the slogan out loud.

Oh and while we're on the topic, I've always thought that the Alouettes wallow in their own misery living in Montreal and all.

Now repeat after me...
Argos? Uck!
Alouettes? Wallow!

Mr. Young, you can PM me for instructions on where to send the cheque or just put the money into those large dollar store glasses for the Labour Day protest.

Good work! I like that! Or even add the 'Y' so it is "____s Yuck!, Alouettes Wallow!"

You are 85 post in to your career at and none of them are as brilliant as this one!

  • paul

ps. Honestly, I actually think it is a viable solution.

I sense some middle ground?

I think what is needed here is multi-party talks, like what they do with North Korea, etc., and in situations where it is important for all parties to save face.

So, we could convene a sort of constitutional convention, and maybe host it over at Brian Timmis or something, somewhere Ticat related, yet still neutral ground. You'd have your Box J Boys, Cats Claws, Box Eh Men and so on at the table, and then maybe bus in some Argoholics, fly in some Booze Brothers, and ferry in some Schooners. And then we could all sit down and hammer things out with Mr. Young (I picture him on a giant chair, flanked by MRX-men with sunglasses and ear pieces).

And we should have the harmless drunk guy in the Howard Fields jersey from Sect. 8 at the table too, just to keep everything in perspective.

Give this guy the money. The "Contest" should be officially deemed over after this post.

Best solution to the chant i have seen thus far.

Is Mingo still around? He was friendly and modest.

I suggested this two years ago.

I might have even had it as my sig.

You'll be hearing from my lawyer.

argos uck?
allouettes wallow?

and you racked your brain for that? lol