The New CFL Schedule

Just sitting here thinking about the new schedule after three weeks of Thursday through Sunday games. This lasts until Labour Day followed by a triple header the week after, except next week there are only three games.

I don’t really care whether this was done to placate US viewers or as a prelude to a merger of sorts as some have commented.

I think it is better and especially love a Thursday night game and it doesn’t require a 6-9 hour commitment on any given day to watch all the games.

I’m guessing that most of you out there generally approve as I haven’t seen much in the way of complaints about the schedule other than only three games next week and certainly far less than the complaints in the past about double and triple headers.

I’m interested to hear what other long time fans think.


I like the multiple nights instead of double or triple headers for sure.

I just wish they had a fully interlocking schedule instead of division-heavy so we could see where the teams truly stand at season’s end.


I really like the consistency of the schedule on the weekends. Always a 7pm/EST every Saturday and then Sundays through Labour Day

After that, double headers never bother me and 1 triple header per year I think could still work.


Same here. It’s nice knowing the next game is never that far away but I wouldn’t watch more than one game in a day.


I much prefer the games spread out over 4 evenings. It is tough at times to make it through the 2nd game of double headers without strong coffee.


I just want to watch Football however it is scheduled. All I care is that not too many conflicts with NFL.

It is nice to have something to look forward to 4 nights a week.


Agree, I am loving the 4-day spread of games.

It makes it more feasible to watch all the games, meaning I can clearly follow the journey of each individual team and it’s players. The ability to follow all the teams rather than just watching my own team makes the CFL pretty unique and really helps create a “soap-opera” that makes me want to tune in for the next installment.


Good move by the CFL to have the Sunday games.
It keeps the CFL in the news from Thursday night to Sunday night.
Labor Day it’s back to Friday/Saturdays, and that’s not pandering to US fans, it just makes sense that you don’t go head to head with another football league on Thursday nights and Sunday, especially when the CFL broadcaster is also broadcasting NFL games.
Makes sense too that the playoffs are now on Saturdays.

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Agreed, love having football four days a week. I can dream about a tenth team to make it five days a week! Porky heaven.


The single drawback is short week games. They are inevitable in a way but they should be followed with a bye week.

Elks played yesterday, 5 days and they are in Ottawa and 6 days later in Regina. 5 days between games with travel tilts the scales a bit.


It’s not like they are on the field for 60 minutes, usually 30 minutes for the offense and 30 for the defense with a lot of standing around. These guys are in shape and no problem for them. Edmonton to Ottawa is a 3 hour flight hardly a travel day.

I wonder if the problem with short weeks is not the physical fatigue but the lack of time to prepare mentally for the upcoming opponent. A team has a different game plan for each opponent and they constantly change with new information.

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I really like Sundays. There’s really no sports on Sunday night so this fits in perfectly


Games on Sundays were always popular before the league decided to shift away from them so as not to go against TSN’s NFL broadcasts. The NFL has helped turn Sundays into football ritual. I think it makes sense for the CFL to take advantage of that.


Just to clarify my thougho, I don’t want the CFL on Sundays against the NFL. I enjoy watching both. But in the summer when Sundays are very slow for sports this makes perfect sense over double and triple headers.

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Gotcha. I’m fine with Sunday games the entire season, but if they’re only scheduled till NFL season starts for as long as TSN is the rights holder, I can live with that too.


That and healing bumps bruises and strains, with travel that’s 1 less day for that. You get 1 less practice day as well so only 2 practices.
In my books poor scheduling in a way, especially for a team who’s first bye is in Week 9.

This, absolutely this. I have to limit stimulation at times because getting too much causes problems. (you don’t want to know, trust me) One game a day is great as far as I’m concerned. When its two games I gotta take breaks and watch/do other things for parts of the game’s.

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It’s good to see a Monday night, July 3rd game on the schedule. I’ll be watching and staying up late to see this one since I don’t have to go to work on the 4th.

How come no games on July 4th??? Lots of Americans want to see some action on their day off. ESPN did nothing to get a pair of games on July 4th evening with fireworks?

This is terrible CFL management planning in my opinion.

July 4th is of no importance in Canada.

Last season there was a game on 4th of July. This year it’s a Tuesday and would be impossible to schedule it.
They don’t even have July 1st Canada Day games if it falls on a Tues or Wed