The New CFL Logo

I am really trying to be open minded to the new logo, but it just isn't working. I get simple can work, but this is simply bad.
Dull gray. Simple Font. The maple leaf diminished to almost nothing.

I imagine the CFL spent some money on coming up with this, but I just don't get it.

Even the new What we are made of advert, not sure about it either. Made of Heat??

We will see how it goes, and maybe it will eventually grow on me...maybe

Pretty much my thoughts, because this logo is a joke. I am not buying a single piece of that gear with that grey blob on it.

Fungus grows can grow on me, but I don't want that either.

As others have noted the new logo is so plain and simple. If someone didn't know the CFL was a football league or had little understanding of football, could see them having no idea that the line and three slashes are suppose to represent a football.

I see no need at all to change the logo. It immediately tells me it's football and Canadian.

The new logo could be confused for the compact florescent light industry.

All I see in the new logo is a quiet commissioner trying to put his make on the league.

[quote="-Hammer-"]Pretty much my thoughts, because this logo is a joke. I am not buying a single piece of that gear with that grey blob on it.

Just buy a grey tee shirt, a black and a red jiffy marker and get a Grade 3 kid to make it for you! :wink:

I wonder if they contacted any fans regarding this logo, or just patted themselves on the back for coming up with this logo.

Writing this on the site, I am staring at the most recent logo. It pops out at you. Its recognizable it has a Canada Cup like half Maple leaf and a football. Slight tilt forward, means it is moving forward.

Then I look at the new one, and think did the colour cartridge run on out after the huge maple leaf.

It must have been the same firm?

Though I didn't think the logo needed a change but this appears to have Orridge's stamp on it.

But after mulling over it. I think it's a good fit in today's marketplace. Simple message - a football.and a (partial) maple leaf. Don't need anymore details than that.

The company I work for has taken a similar approach. Busy logos and messages don't grab the attention of today's consumer.

Good call Jeffrey :thup:

There is a huge difference between simple and kindergartenish.

The inspiration for the logo:$file/electrical_socket.jpg

I just noticed that the 2016 Grey Cup logo, that was released on Oct. 1st, is modelled after the new CFL logo...

CFL News ?@CFL_News
What #CFL footballs will look like next year? photo via @TSN_Sports

Well I sure don't like it compared the current one. But then I'm still trying to "like" the name "RedBlacks". Love the team but can't stand the

I cannot believe that is going to be the new logo. Was there something wrong with the current one? Was this done just for the sake of change? It looks like a freaking band-aid with stitches in it. lol

This is Orridge's great contribution to the league? What a joke.

Yeah, he just went over par again in my eyes. Man do I miss Cohon.

Actual state of the league address

Clearly you missed out on the 2 NHL logo changes, 1st in the 46/47 Season, then again in 05/06

You also missed the NFL logo alterations (albeit slight changes) in 1970 and 2008

MLB is the only BIG league to remain consistent with 1 logo, they have done various Anniversary logos, but have remained true to their current logo

This new CFL logo is kindergarten looking, a step backwards IMO

I heard the same whining from people when the last logo came in. :roll: :roll: :roll:

No, I'm pretty sure you didn't....

The only thing worse than this is the new MLS logo. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: