The New CFL Logo

It's apparently made of clip art....

I don't mind it, but I do tend to like change in general.

That said, perhaps it was time for the logo to be refreshed and modernized rather than reinvented.

There's a new logo? Wonder how long it'll take them to change the one here.

This is official?
Or is it an event specific branding?

I like it, as I think the current logo is a little tacky because of its asymmetry, though I would probably change the lettering to white with a red outline

Nop, here's an official release

This is fixing something that wasn't broke. It wasn't THAT long ago that the logo was spruced up and it didn't feel outdated, IMO.

The Maple Leaf being cut off looks weird. Reminds me though of Curling Canada's new logo which I really like.

Now that's I've had a chance to calm down and collect my thoughts after the utter horror of seeing it pop up on my Facebook news feed....

It commits the greatest sin, it's boring and unimaginative. It looks like something I could have come up with using MS Paint.

The old logo was bold, it really popped, especially next to the staid old one that proceeded it. But even that old football helmet one is a freakin' work of genius next this homage to bland....

Very clean, just like Windows 10.

Well if first impressions count for anything, at first glance it kinda looks like something a kid would do in 4th grade art class.
It seems a little too simplistic and bland looking in a very generic way if you ask me , but who knows ? maybe that was the look the league was looking for when they drew up and concocted this new logo in the first place. It's almost like they went with the " No Name" look you see on products in the grocery stores,nothing fancy just direct and to the point about what the product is ,the only difference is the colour scheme really.

I have to agree with CRF on this one......If something ain't broke then there's no need to fix it.

The CFL Logo History

My instant analysis that came to mind within seconds of seeing it. Bland.

OMG, every single one of the old ones are better than this new one...

I also saw this on Facebook....

i feel as though any CFL logo would look best if it incorporated a Football, maple leaf and a semblance of the Grey Cup.

but i have no objections to this. basic, but improved from the current.

the CFL has an advantage and disadvantage in marketing strategies however.

most leagues identify tremendously with their logo, and would never change it because it is what other people have to identify IT as (mlb, nfl, nhl). this is good because its has a backbone of tradition.

the CFL however, has the ability to change its logo as it sees fit whenever the times change, which adds to its adaptability, but takes a bit away from its character and tradition.

I'm for this logo however

They probably paid some marketing firm Millions for this, but pay their players minimum wage :roll:

you do realize that the league would die in a few seasons if they paid their players all $200,000 / yr.

cflisthebest, I believe Grover's point is that the league is wasting vast sums of money on marketing/branding firms in return for poor ideas and concepts when that money could have gone to the players instead.

Also, Marketing genius, Cfl to release new League and teams websites, Release date - 1 week after the Grey Cup! :?


I'll admit, the old 90s logo to the current logo was a good transistion, this is a step in the wrong direction. Ugly and bland is an understatement.

Looks like something out of a bad 70s sci-fi movie that was trying to look futuristic. EvilDoctor nailed's boring and unimaginative.