The New Box J

As most people are aware, the Box J Boys are the most recognizable fan base in all of the CFL.

For those who just got back from the moon, they are the guys that wear the Black and Gold kilts, t-shirts that say Box J Boys, throw epic tailgate parties, bench press somebody every TD and are featured prominently on TSN as well as on the TiCats website and promotional material.

They became the Box J Boys because they sat in the long demolished section of Ivor Wynne Stadium called Box J. It was the section directly behind the home team bench for those that have never been.

Now the section behind the players bench is called Section 103. Part of it is in Section 104.

Since our Caretaker, who is no stranger to a Box J Boys tailgate reads these threads, I am wondering if he would consider renaming Section 103 as "Box J".

What say you Bob? Inquiring minds want to know.

Tickets have already been printed.
Do you not think that might cause some confusion for the last 4-5 games?

I'm referring to the new stadium GeoffW. In Guelph the new Box J is called Section 113.

Hopefully...the powers that be stick with numeric section numbers, similar to those in Guelph and virtually every other stadium/arena on the planet.

The "Box" seats were created as an alternative to the "bench" style seat after the upgrade in '71.

Now...the boys are all good guys, however I don't think they should get Section naming rights over any other fan or fan group. Many people (me included) have been in Box J a lot longer than "the boys", I could care less what my new section is called and don't need a shirt with my section name on it to find my way back there.

I'm sure whatever the name or number of the new section will be, that the Box J Boys will survive and carry on as fans.

But, when we start giving preferential treatment to small groups of fans, there will be more unhappy season ticket holders who aren't allowed to select there specific section "name".

But, it seems you do kind of care since you made this post protesting calling it Box J.

Why exactly would it be such a bad thing? Everyone associates Box J with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. I think it'd be kind of cool to just have a special section called Box J, it's a Ti-Cat tradition IMO. But I am young and understand that you have likely been watching the Ti-Cats from Box J longer than they have been around, but for me it is sort of just a integrated part of the Ti-Cat experience, Box J and the boys have always been a big identifying factor for the Ti-Cats for me.

Still, I wouldn't be angry if they didn't name it Box J, after all it is just a name, doesn't mean the Box J boys have to disband or anything, they'll still be rocking the kilts at every game.

The boys should keep the name in the new stadium as a tribute to the old. I belive the "Section W" crowd at Molson stadium kept that name after their stadium redesign.

Do they all have the same Purchase date for there season tickets? Not that It bothers me at all but will other ticket holders of the former box "J" be upset if the boys are allowed to Jump the Q so to speak and purchase a "block" :smiley:
(tongue firmly planted in cheek!)

I have to agree. Stick with the numbers the stadium is designed with. A small group of fans should not get special treatment over another group of fans. They already get multiple shout outs during the game as well as a few ingame contest wins throughout the season. No reason to change the new stadium section as well.

We would be honoured if there is a named Box J section in Tim Hortons Field. Regardless, Box J will be where ever we sit. Its just Box J just sounds cooler then the Section 103 boys...

Again we are just passionate fans like the thousands in Hamilton and around the league. Each team has their own fan groups that do what they do to show support for their team. Sure we wear branded shirts & black and yellow kilts, but we are just like everyone else wearing black and gold who supports the Ticats.

Also, I just want to clear up one thing. Box J Boys rarely, if ever, win anytime from the Ticats. Nor do we ask for freebies from the team or any favouritism. If anything, I say the Ticats go out of their way to distance themselves from us BECAUSE of the perceived favouritism slant out there from the other fans. So I want to kill that perceived rumour right now. As its just not true. We are buying our tickets with the same deadlines as everyone else and should be in the same section and row positions as before. No specials rules for us...

Now back to the game on the field... 2013 is starting to get interesting. Regardless of what happens, we look forward to sitting in Tim Hortons Field and cheering our Ticats to many victories from 2014 and beyond from whatever the section is called.

Before this threat gets negative, I would like to recommend we lock this thread. As the "Box J" name in a thread topic is going to get both positive and negative posts, with more negatives coming the longer the thread stays open.. We aren't looking to be a lighting rod for negative chat on the forum... So it would be great for all if this could be locked... Thanks!!

Solid post.
All Cats fans appreciate Box J’s support. We also love Pigskin, Tiger Lady and Cat in the Hat dude.
Lets leave it at that and close the thread before negatives sneak in.

Even though I am an Argo fan, I hope there is a way to recognize the tradition and history of Box J with a name plate or something else like that in the new stadium. It makes sense to number each section, but there's no reason there could not be signage that says Section 103 (formerly known as Box J) or something like that.

Box J will always be known as the place where the Box J Boys sit...regardless of what the signage says.

I think that's Great. :thup:

New stadium new name new sections , I think that the number system is the way they are going so be it anday I add that da boys won't have a place to tailgate as the old Scott park J parking is gone as a new school and rec Center are being planned at that location so sorry j Boyz your outta luck ! No more box J and no more Scott park tailgate just keep up your tradition !

There will be a "tailgate area" for sure! :wink: You can count on that! :thup:

Thinking outside the box, so to speak... with all the new concession and hospitality areas in THF, there must be some opportunity to carry on the Box J name even if all the "boys" are sitting in Section 103. Having a few nods to IWS throughout the new stadium will serve as a reminder of the rich sporting history on Balsam Street.

I'm willing to sell back to the Cats a Men's Washroom sign from Ivor Wynne (for a small profit :slight_smile:. )