The New Black and the All-Blacks

Since we have the new Ticat ad mantra " the new black", I' suggest that we bring the New Zealand All-Blacks Rugby team to Hamilton, to Tim Horton's Field, maybe for an exhibition match against a local rugby team. And they could demonstrate their "haka", pre-game dance of intimidation at one of the first Ticat home games next year. (maybe before a game against the Ottawa Red-blacks or the Argos?). If you haven't seen them do their haka, it's about one minute of men performing a ritual "dance" to intimidate their opponents. And it is beautiful and it does work!

Having seen the All-Blacks in action, I must say they are both funny and entertaining. In terms of intimidation,
not so much. I would love them in the flesh though.

Would you pay the cost of bringing them here? :smiley: :thup:


Hmmm... what a weird post.

He/she posted at 3 AM and were probably drunk - some drunks just aren't funny :thdn:

Do you think the fact that Rugby Canada is promoting a Rugby match in Toronto might have something to do with this thread.

You can read the article in today's Toronto Star if you Click Here

"New Zealand’s rugby squad plays Canada on Nov. 3 in Toronto. "

"on Thursday, a group of about 15 men brought the tradition to Toronto. From noon till 5, four intersections were mobbed by the tribal dancers. A shorter version was performed in the middle of the road, followed by a full display on a nearby sidewalk."

Rugby Canada co-ordinated the stunt to raise awareness for the match.

A commenter notes that "Canada isn't playing the All Blacks, as in the defending World Champions, as this article states. It's playing the special Maori All Blacks team which is comprised of players of Maori lineage that play a few matches each year."

Oops! I would love to see them in person. :oops: