The New Begining.....for the Cats.

Check your watch....get the drinks ready....
Chips and popcorn too....'s been a long wait...
The new begining..for the about to Calgary tonight.
Five...long...years..of the same old..same old.
Is finally over. :thup:

Great Post! The way you put all that makes me want to throw a party and watch the game LOL. More likely I will just grab some chips and pop and invite a couple buddies over. Either way I'm so hyped for the start of the season!!!!!!!

Go Cats Go!


Had a rough one last night so today will be a chips n dip with some bottled water! LOL

But whatever... I had to get my weekend festivities out of the way last night 'cause I'm not missing a 'Cats game!

as much as i want the ticats to win tonite, i just dont see it happening.

but ill still be rooting for the cats.

The wait is simply killing me!

There are a lot of mixed feelings around the league about how our beloved Cats will do this year. There is so much raw talent on the team that anything can happen.

Our season will be mainly decided on coaching. The good news is that the coaching this year really shows promise and lots of it.

Lets tame those stamps and ride them back home! :slight_smile:

Chips and dip sounds even better than just plain old chips… I Love This Thread!!!LMAO but I think they can pull this win off in Calgary with Jesse Lumsden and Corey Holmes running the ball, and hopefully Jason Maas getting the ball to Brock Ralph, Nate Curry, Jojo Walker, and Richard Alston we defiantly stand a chance if our boys on defense keep us in it.

I don't know why.. but I have a strange feeling that Clinton Wayne #90 is going to have a big game. He has pretty much been a career backup that has always showed promise. If he won the job under Taafe I think he has a good chance of a breakout year.

The thought of Clinton Wayne having a breakout year gives me Chills eh zenstate…(previous post altercation) :lol:

I was trying to teach my girlfriend the "oskee wee wee" chant, and when I asked
her to say it this morning she came up with
Oskee-Wee Wee
Oskee Wah Wah
Bite them, Tiger-naughts.
I had a good laugh at that one.
Can't blame her, she's a BC girl.

hehe yes :slight_smile:

no hard feelings man. we are united by our love of the Ti-Cats :slight_smile:

ya that was a pretty funny argument about football looking back lol we even got that thread closed ah well no hard feelings here either.

A slant, a post/corner, a seven yard out, a straight fly pattern, are there any sweeter plays in football. I can right now picture Brock Ralph cathing the ball and turing up field for a big gain--Boy I hope they win but I am just glad it is now starting for real and hopefully it will not end for us till Sunday night on 25 November--anyway, to all, lets just hope it's a fun ride this year--Take Care

"Hard feelings"?
"United by our love"?

(Sorry, couldn't resist - watching that last thread go off the rails was just too funny).

If Jason Maas is back to his old form... we're just as good as any team in the league. If he's not back to his old form... Visions of 4-14 are dancing in my head.

Just Stop it your gonna make me cry! LOL :lol:

The Tiki torches are lit, beer is cold, mosquito coil burning perfect, TV OUTSIDE, radio turned up to CHML, Life is good and it is a new season.

Go Cats Go !!!!

by "old form" I do hope you mean pre 2006

I;m ready big test tonite Stamps might be the class of the cfl in 07 good measuring stick for us.GO TIGER-CATS.

Well, I'm ready for the kickoff. Good to see other people here are getting excited about it as well with them saying all the things they do before the game.

Straw skirt?