The new and "improved" site?

Did anyone else make it ? So far I give it a :-1: but I’ll give it some time. I’m old and slow to change. It took a while to rebuild our Bomber sites clientele from a while ago. I hope we don’t lose it over this

I made it…Thanks Sully for the help…I’ll start looking around tomorrow.

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Right on Dan.

Hey Aulcee, how do we sign out or do we need to ?

On that I’m not sure. I might try to sign out at some point to see if it accepted my New password

Looked around a bit and I don’t know.

Go to top right of page. Click on your avatar. Click on your name. Log out is on the bottom of the list that pops open.

Thanks MTN

Yes thanks MTN. Now how do we quote a post ?

One way is to highlight the comment in the posting you want to quote and a small icon will pop open saying Quote. click that and a reply window will open with the quote on it.

So it looks like one can now delete their own posts. That’s a good thing.

However, it looks like we’ve lost the ability to edit our own posts. As someone that shares time sensitive download links pertaining to specific (past) posts I made here (a “re-up” in simple terms), that’s a bummer for me, but probably not for most people that use this site.

…why do they do this to old guys…this new format has me confused big time BUT I guess you have to roll with the times…signed bewildered

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Cost and time requirements, unfortunately - the old forums cost an arm and a leg to keep online and even still kept going down under load. It just couldn’t keep happening.

you and me both, papa.

I get the impression that ‘overhauls’ and ‘upgrades’ like this are just make-work projects for IT guys.

…Agreed…I don’t know if I’ll ever figure out how to get my avy back lol

…but I’ll keep working on it

Okay so so far the only way I see to quote is cut and paste. I’m sure there must be a more sensible way. As to getting your avy back try this Papa .( I can’t believe this Dino is giving computer advice ) Click on the P representing your name in the top right hand corner. Then a little drop down appears.Click on your name in the drop down then preferences. That should get you close to where you can add a picture etc. That seemed to be how I got there.

You can definitely edit your posts; it was hidden behind the “…” menu, but I’ve now made the heart (like) and pencil (edit your post) options immediately appear on the page.

What image would you like as your avatar? Link to it and I’ll pop it in for your account.

Papa may perhaps had the above avatar.

I’m with all the old guys saying we don’t like change!

I don’t even know what I’m doing, I was just getting too many emails from you all!

I actually really like the new layout and features.

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