We were completely _________!

I blame ________________!

Last year we were 3-15...this is unacceptable! Start ____________________!

Fire ______________________!

My job is done.

See you next loss!


PERFECT russ....

no need to go ANYWHERE else.. he/she can post ALL his/her issues and bloames HERE!!


Although, now apparantly you need a $ line cuz it's a money issue as well

Are you saying you guys are not angry ?

Sure I am... but doesn't mean i need to lay blame.. take it for what it is.. we played badly.. the Als played great. .game over.. pretty simple to me!!

Notice how gerbear doesn’t post for months and the first blow out he makes a triumphant return?

Glad to see you’re stickin’ with us, bud.

A guy has a right to vent after a game like that. And he can blame who ever he likes for the losss. You guys may not agree with him but he has the right. If a game like that doesn't make a fan angry, I don't know what does.

AND… I have MY right to disagree and post my displeasure and defend any player…what is your point?

My point is that someone has started a thread using Gerbear's name in it and then a bunch of other guys post against Gerbear.

by your standards,, that is our/their right!!

And I still made two less venting threads than he did! LMAO


We were completely messed up!

I blame Porter!

Last year we were 3-15...this is unacceptable! Start Glenn!

Fire the oc!

I blame society.

We were completely outclassed!

I blame everyone !

Last year we were 3-15...this is unacceptable! Start Caulley!

Fire the OC ( actually I'm serious)!

Thanks Russ. :thup:
Do you have a good template I could use for responding to those unimaginative form family letters that get sent at Christmas? :rockin: