The nerve of some players (who think they have a right to be part of the hiring process)

When did players start thinking they had a right to be part of the process of hiring management and coaches.

Maybe after you have been around for at least a dozen years.

Ex-Texans WR Andre Johnson sides with Deshaun Watson, takes public shot at exec Jack Easterby (

Kind of reminds me of John Elway, Eric Lindros and Eli Manning among others especially Steve Francis not wanting to play for the teams that drafted them.

Want to be in management then get off the field and give it a try. May not be as easy as they think.


If you had the leverage to try to ensure that the people running the business you work for are good people, wouldn't you use it? Sitting back passively when you disagree with something seems counterproductive.

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Ok...Go tell your Boss's Boss's boss that you think your boss is wrong for the job...Let me know how that works out for you :smiley:

The difference here is substantial. With those players they were attempting take charge of who they will work for.

In Houston we see a young unproven player demanding or expecting to help decide who should be hired in senior management.

Lebron is the answer on that one in modern times, but it is nothing new as indicated by many examples given above.

There's more than one way, as in merely the direct way, to get the job done.

The fundamentals are the same. You need not be an outperformer to use what you have, and Watson is game and talent and anybody in the game knows it though you disagree.

When owners collude against the labour is there ever real or fake outcry though? No. But when players use the leverage at hand, well now here we are with a few critics. It's very telling again.

So to be precise Paolo you believe a player should be involved with hiring a GM?

I believe workers who want a say in how a company is run, and, who runs it are called “unions”. See Jerry Dias and Unifor for successful examples.

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Why bother having a GM just let the players make trades and decide who gets cut like the complete farce called the NBA .

I only want to play with my sandbox friends is a complete joke .

They will eventually decide who wins if it already hasn't been done just like pro wrestling because its just entertainment not really a competitive league anymore just buds playin hoops making it real with No travelling no stepping out just playing like there are no rules .

Well there are rules it's called

Street ball rules . NFL is going the way of bush league if it follows the NBA down that path .

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Have you ever been part of a union?

Yes, for a few years. I even was on strike once. For many years, I was on the other side of the desk, in “Personnel” which became Human Resources. Never directly involved in labour negotiations however, only administration of the collective agreement.

Always felt I was big supporter of employee rights, whether through Employment Standards, or collective agreements. I do believe, however, that both employers and employees have to understand that rights carry corresponding duties and responsibilities.

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so when you were involved with any union, did they have the right to have any say in the hiring or promoting to management positions?

Did they have that right in regards to promoting people to supervisors or foremen?

If so, I would wager that they were/are a very rare exception.

Fair enough. The reason I ask is because and I mean no disrespect but when I hear people say thing like the union runs the company, which I say is totally false, Its by people who have zero experience with unions

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no...and they never do

I do remember that as part of gis hiring process in Chicago Trestman had to meet with Jay Cutler. I have no idea what weight that meeting had.

Yes and no. Our practice was to promote from within, so supervisory positions were typically former union members. The collective agreement included language that seniority must be a consideration.

As to management positions, it was very rare that we had qualified people on staff, although it did happen. In such cases, because we would also recruit from the outside, seniority was not necessarily a consideration.

Regardless, I get your point and your message. The workers do not have the ability to choose management.

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No. That's not what I wrote at all. But weighing in one way or the other can be done if a player wishes to do so. How much influence or not is a different matter.

And if you disagree, disagree. It's his business not yours and vice versa.

It's quite simple. If the starting QB into which the owner has dumped a ton of money has a quick clash with the new head coach, well the owner sure would want to know about that.

All the same more often than not, it's a formality and professional way of handling matters. I have no issue with it - it's their business not mine anyway.